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Sonam Kapoor To Go Cannes

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

The new Indian face for fashion, actress Sonam Kapoor will walk the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival along with our own Aishwarya Bachchan and likes of Hollywood beauties Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz as the face of international cosmetic giant L’Oreal.

Sonam is naturally excited to have her first ever trip to France and which is also for an assignment at the prestigious international film festival.

Talking about Aishwarya, Sonam said, “Being on the same platform as Aishwarya, for me, is a big deal in itself.”

“I have always adored her but met her only once, during the Delhi 6 premiere,” added Sonam.

Sonam’s dad Anil Kapoor will also join her for the festival and they will walk the red carpet together. “Dad will be my date on the two nights that I’ll be there,” giggled Sonam.

“I will walk with him, it will be so beautiful,” adds the daughter.

Sonam is confident about herself that she will carry herself well at the event as the world’s paparazzi will be attending her. Designers Anamika, Gaurav and Manish have designed outfits for her. However for the event she will be wearing an outfit designed by an international designer.

Sonam is heading to France for the first time. “I’ve never been to Paris or any other part of France, except through books. I used to transport myself to these lovely destinations through my reading. It’s a dream come true for me,” adds Sonam.

Is Sonam Still Single?

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

According to sources, Sonam Kapoor, the ever smiling and charming girl from Delhi 6 has found good friend in cinematographer Vikas Naulaka. Naulaka who has recently honed his skills in Los Angeles has become the most sought after cinematographer in the film industry today.

Sonam and Vikas are connected a long back when Vikas was also an assistant to Sanjay Leela Bhansali like Ranbir and Sonam for film Black. May be that was the time when Sonam and Vikas started their friendship. When asked to Sonam about her friendship with the cinematographer, Sonam replied, “It’s ridiculous. Where do you guys get your information from?”

Sonam’s Sister Becomes Producer

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

Rhea Kapoor, sister of the flamboyant and ever smiling actor Sonam Kapoor is putting her foot forward in Bollywood. According to the sources Rhea will be the official producer of a women oriented film Ayesha. Sonam will be playing the lead role in the film.

It’s Anil Kapoor’s home production which is producing the film and surely he will be the producer, but Rhea will be the film’s official producer.

Now a day, the two sisters are bonding a lot to each other like never before. Soon they will fly to LA for rehearsing Sonam’s costumes for the film. Designer Mona May will design the costumes for the film who has also designed Amy Adams’ clothes for Enchanted. The Kapoor’s will not leave any stone unturned to give distinctive look for the character of Ayesha.

Shooting of the film will go on floors from June 20, in Delhi. The film is supposed to be the most expensive women centric film of Bollywood.

Sonam Kapoor – A Wrong Matchmaker

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

The bubbly and ever smiling actress is still single, but she loves to play matchmaker.

“I am happily single, buy I do play a matchmaker at times for my friends. However, I often end up fixing the wrong guys with the wrong girls!” tells Sonam.

Guess what if the actress will play the role of match-making Emma from Jane Austen’s classic. Well jokes a part, but if the girl does some fixing for herself, she should not go wrong this time.

Sonam Kapoor – The Chameleon

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor who appeared simple and very Indian in her first film Saawariya, is surprising everyone with her different look with each photoshoot she does. Making people wonder, is she Sonam?

But all that this Kapoor girl has to say is, “You see, I am really into fashion and I understand fashion. My idea of fashion is not jaded and I am always open to different things and experimenting with my look. My friends in fact call me a chameleon as I often look different in every photo shoot! So yes, you’re right!”

Wondering, in which avtar she will next appear.

Not Same To Same

Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma

Just a one film old, actress Anushka Sharma is making a buzz in Bollywood. This time she is in news for his comparison with Sonam Kapoor. Both of them are constantly being compared with each other. However, Anushka says, “I know they have been talking about it, but nobody has asked me this question directly. May be they are scared to ask!”

She later adds, “I don’t think I look like Sonam. She has very different features.”

But do you remember how Sonam looks like. Because it’s always surprising as Sonam changes her look with each photoshoot.

Sonam Kapoor too now wants to get slimmer

Sonam Kapoor

The Saawariya beauty Sonam Kapoor, who was once weighting 90 kilos has decided to shed up some more weight. Sonam is being forced by her ultra slim dad, Anil Kapoor. Anil had even gone to a extent of gifting his daughter Sonam, a sugarless and fat free Birthday cake on her Birthday. Instantly Sonam was disappointed with the continuous insistence of his dad as she is already think enough, but with time she understood that there are stil many more ladies in Bollywood who are slimmer than her and her first and more effective comparison is with none other than the gorgeous Deepika Padukone, Sonam had to make a run to get slimmer to show her boyfriend stealer that she can too get slim. She did not told whether she will just try to become slim or to become size Zero like Kareena Kapoor.

Ranbir upsets her girlfriend Deepika

Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone

The new face of Bollywood Deepika Padukone seems not to be happy with Ranbir Kapoor these days. After a lot of hard work she was successful in keeping her boyfriend away from his debut film ‘Saawariya’ beauty Sonam Kapoor, possessive Deepika has got a new girl to bother. This time this is not any co-star but it is Ranbir Kapoor’s ex-girlfriend Avantika Malik. Ranbir Kapoor and Avantika Malik were said to be dating each other before Ranbir Kapoor started his career in Bollywood Film Industry. However, asusual things did not turnout well and they broke up. Avantika who has found a new sweet debut face in Bollywood who is none other than Aamir Khan’s nephew Imraan Khan and Avantika is said to be in contact with Ranbir which isn’t liked by the possessive Deepika and she unapproves it and this act of Avantika depresses Deepika. How long will this relation go far ? As the Bollywood Industry has witnessed a lot of relations in small time.