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Sanjay is going to be a Daddy again


After many rumors about whether Maanyata is pregnant or not, the confirmation on her pregnancy is final. Sanjay Dutt is all set to become a father once again. His wife can’t stop glowing from her joy. The couple is not hiding this news with the media; instead, they are making it public and are in a celebratory mood. Sanjay recently said that, “Maanyata has brought stability to my life after many years of wandering. I have roamed free for way too long. She rooted me and brought about a desire to settle down after so long. It really feels nice to eat home cooked meals made by my wife, not a cook. I can’t wait to become a father again. It is a lovely feeling and Maanyata is very happy.”

Sanjay Dutt is beaming with joy and so is his wife.

Sanju actually got a small role in Aladin

Aladin movie poster
Aladin movie poster

Today big actors from Bollywood don’t mind playing a relatively tiny role in films. And most of them are doing it only for their loved ones. Like the gorgeous Katrina Kaif did a seven minute cameo for her favorite co-star Akshay Kumar in Blue and like Salman Khan who made an 11 minutes appearance for brother Sohail Khan in Main Aurr Mrs Khanna (MAMK), Sanjay Dutt too did the favor for Sujoy Ghosh’s Aladin. Even though the trailers of the film make you feel that Aladin has three male leads (Ritiesh Deshmukh, Amitabh Bachchan and the villain Sanjay Dutt), actually it is just two because Sanju is making appearance just for 9 minutes.

So like Salman informed his fans before the release of MAMK that not to disappoint with his cameo, a person close to Dutt said, “Baba’s fans shouldn’t go to the theatre thinking that Aladin is a three-hero film. Amitabh Bachchan and Ritiesh Deshmukh are the lead actors. Baba just has a small part in this magic thriller.”

Meanwhile according to the insiders, Dutt did this favor because he admires the director and also found a good rapport with the producers who are also supporting Sanjay Dutt Productions’ first venture, which will release soon.

Sanjay Dutt Addicted to Tattoos

Sanjay Dutt
Sanjay Dutt

Just a couple of days back Sanjay Dutt arrived in Mumbai from South Africa. And soon he headed towards a Bandra studio of his permanent tattoo-artist to discuss a new design. It is a sleeve design and is kind of between Troy and Mughal-e-Azam. With this tattoo get done on his body, Dutt will be the first person in Bollywood to wear maximum tattoos. All his designs are exotic and most of which are sketched by him.

Dutt is so passionate about tattoos that once the tattoo artist went all the way to his film set in Goa for ten days to discuss a tattoo design. A unit member revealed, “All of us from hairdressers to makeup men and light-boys got a tattoo done for free because the bade dilwala Sanjay had Vishwas on the set to discuss the tattoos of his parents names that he got done on his chest.”

Ranbir To Share Screen With Sanjay Dutt

Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor

Actor Sanjay Dutt and the young Kapoor clan Ranbir Kapoor are supposed to do a comedy flick together. The film will be produced by Sanjay Dutt, while the no. 1 director of comedies David Dhawan will direct as well as write the film.

The director said, “We’ve discussed it and Sanjay has asked me to write a comedy. I want it to be something really special. Sanjay acted in my first film Taaqatwar. He was instrumental in making me a director. If it wasn’t for him I’d still be editing films. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for Sanju.”

However the ancestors of these actors together had given great performances, now its time to see how the young generation of the families crack on the screen. It will be Ranbir’s first film as a slapstick comedy. Shooting for the film will start in September.

It’s A Political Time for Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt with wife Manyata
Sanjay Dutt with wife Manyata

Even though the actor is very much in demand and as many directors are keen to work with him, Sanjay Dutt took a backseat from movies for his political career. According to the sources, Sanjay will be in Lacknow for 45 days for the forthcoming elections.

Sanjay is hopeful and confident enough that court will give him a green signal to contest the elections. The election time has not left any time for the actor to do any film assignments. During this prime time Sanjay is wrapping up all his work in Mumbai and will leave to Lacknow from March 15 to the end of April. He will be back in town only after the elections.

Meanwhile his wife Manyata will be coming back and forth from Mumbai to Lacknow. A house allocated for the couple in Lacknow and Manyata will prepare all healthy food the actor.

The source also added that Sanjay has also stopped drinking alcohol and since then his energy level is increased. “From the time Sanjay stopped drinking, his energy level has increased. Now, he is confident of simultaneously managing politics and cinema without skipping a beat,” added the source.

What’s Wrong Between Sanju and Akki?

Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar
Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar

There found a friction between Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar on the sets of Blue. And the reason for their friction is that Sanjay felt that Akshay was overshadowing him in the film. Blue is one of the high budget films of Bollywood. As 80% of the film completed, 100 crore are already spent on the film. Now the director of the film is trying to put together Sanjay and Akshay back and complete the remaining portion.

One source from the sets of the film revealed, “Initially, Sanjay and Akshay used to get along well. The animosity started when Sanjay felt that Akshay is trying to overshadow him in the film. Sanjay also felt that director Anthony D’souza is especially favoring Akshay after the successful run that he has been enjoying at the box-office in recent times. There were also reports that Sanjay is delaying the film and to make matters worse, Sanjay feels that it was Akshay who spread these rumors.”

There is also news that because of this Sanjay started reporting late on the sets, while other actors were waiting for him. Due to this a schedule of 80 days is stretched to 150 days.

“The entire unit including Akshay Kumar and Lara Dutta were kept waiting every day on the sets while Sanjay Dutt reported late. As this is director Anthony’s first film, he has no say in front of a senior actor like Sanjay,” added the source.

But finally the director managed to put Akshay and Sanjay together and now they will shoot the remaining portions in February. But Sanjay’s business manager Dharam Oberoi has something different to say. He said, “Nothing like this happened. In fact, Sanju and Akshay are best friends. Only some patchwork needs to be completed, which we are planning to shoot starting February 20. Sanju has no problem working with Akshay in the film.”

Sanjay to Romance with Ash in presence of Abhishek

Sanjay Dutt and Aishwarya Rai

Well., Don’t get much excited this is not an gossip, this is just a news about the reel life and not real life. Sanjay Dutt will soon be seen in a movie sharing a romantic relationship with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and accidentally the film will also cast Abhishek Bachchan. The film will be directed by Mani Ratnam who had also casted the real life bollywood jodi before their marriage Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai in his last film Guru. May be the bad response of Sarkar Raj on screen has led the director to back off from the idea of pairing the duo real life couples together again.

Gracy Singh to come in TV again

Gracy Singh

Gracy Singh, the Lagaan lady initially when Lagaan was released Gracy was considered to be the best debut actress who had a big co-star Aamir Khan and also had hoped a promising Bollywood career and also a glamorous world with star studded lifestyle. But soon she was termed as BehanJi by the big bad Bollywood. And later when another movie was released again with a giant actor like the earlier one, this time it was Sanjay Dutt in Munna Bhai she got a quiet good appreciation but after that she just literally disappeared from the screen. Poor Gracy now recalls how happy and peaceful she was while she was shooting for television. The Lady has very few films in hand and is also reported to have said that it is the time she should re-consider Television Small Screen.

No Takers for Woodstock Villa

Woodstock VillaSikander Kher’s debut film, Woodstock Villa has no takers. According to our source, Sanjay Dutt has refused to be associated with the film, produced by Sanjay Gupta. And since then, very few people are ready to take on its distribution.

The film distributor Balaji Telefilms has opted out. Now Gupta has no choice but to distribute the film under his own banner. Ramesh Sippy of Balaji Telefilms says “We had bought the distribution rights of Woodstock Villa from White Feather Films. But then we decided not to release the film. However I would not like to get into the details why we opted out of the deal with Gupta.”

According to a film trade source, “Gupta has already announced that the film will be releasing on May 23 2008 but there is not a single distributor coming forward to buy the film.” When we asked Dutt about it, he said that he has nothing to do with White Feather Films anyway. Gupta, meanwhile, keeps up a brave front, and says, “No one has backed out of the deal. It was a mutual decision. I have decided to distribute Woodstock Villa as White Feather Films has also started its own distribution division.”