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Lara Dutta to star in Don 2

Priyanka and Lara
Priyanka and Lara

Lara Dutta will be essaying the role of Shahrukh Khan’s moll in Don 2, the role that Eesha Koppikhar played in the original. Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra will essay the role of leading lady in the movie.

Icy winds started blowing the minute Priyanka landed on the Berlin airport. An insider revealed, “Lara was already there a week before PC. The two barely exchanged hellos with frosty smiles before they directed their warmth to SRK and the director Farhan Akhtar.”

These two beauties have had a long history. The two were crowned as Miss Universe and Miss World in the same year. They both started their career with the same movie Andaaz. Lara portrayed a role of grieving widow and had the author backed role, but it was Priyanka who walked away to stardom and the plum assignments with Khiladi No.1, Akshay Kumar. Since then, Lara has steered clear of working with PC, sources say that she was hesitant to sign Don 2 as well.

When Farhan assured her that he would flesh out her role, only then she agreed to sign the film. Also, SRK has a soft spot for Mahesh Bhupatis latest girlfriend, ever since she acted in his home production Billu, a part that every actress had refused.

Even without their past differences, things between them will never be easy. In Bollywood, whenever any two actresses shoot together, there is stress on the sets. The list of worries is endless; it starts from who has the better room, better fee, better clothes and it ends at better scenes. Piggy Chops was already wary, exhausted, and edgy when she reached Berlin a week after her former friend and now a rival had got comfortable with the unit. Over here Lara clearly has a head start.

These two divas have come face to face after six years and are not ready to act like the long lost friends. The biggest fact that they have uneven roles is enough reason for them to be suspicious about each other. One is promised to be the leading lady and the other has been promised an important role. The insecurities have already started to surface with both the ladies wanting to stay in their own corners for as long as they can.

A close source revealed, “To start with, their roles are unequal. If you see Eesha Koppikhar’s role in Don you will know what Lara is supposed to play. Priyanka has had a stressful dubbing and shoot, which she had to complete in two days. In addition, there was a section in the industry who wanted to demolish her performance in Anjaana Anjaani. She is left in a depressed state of mind. The last thing she would want in Berlin is stressful ambience.”

Bollywood babes going bold

Lara Dutta, Jiah Khan and Deepika Padukone
Lara Dutta, Jiah Khan and Deepika Padukone

Earlier Bollywood babes were little shy or nervous to do a bikini act. Now they are not so conscious about it and will do it happily as per the script demands (or their audience). Get ready to watch next three hot babes of Bollywood – Lara Dutta, Jiah Khan and Deepika Padukone – in a skimpy affair.

Lara who earlier did it in Blue had received applause and is now ready to do it again in Sajid Khan’s Houseful. Jiah Khan will also be seen in minimal cloths for a comic caper. Meanwhile news also has that the new sensation of Bollywood, Deepika may also appear in a swimsuit in the same film.

What’s the status of Lara-Mahesh relationship?

Lara Dutta, Mahesh Bhupathi and Shweta Jaishankar-Bhupathi
Lara Dutta, Mahesh Bhupathi and Shweta Jaishankar-Bhupathi

Talks of Lara Dutta-Dino Morea break up also accompanied talks of Lara’s and tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi’s ‘good friends’ relationship. Though Lara has declared that she was single, during the promotion of her recent film Blue, gossip mongers in B-town still continues to talk about their more than good friend relationship. And someone heard recently that ‘good friends’ are going to get hitched at a hair-dressing salon, whose owner is Lara’s friend.

Meanwhile, Mahesh’ wife Shvetha Jaishankar-Bhupati who was also a ex-tennis champion, former Femina Miss India International 98 and a runner-up at the Miss International pageant in Tokyo has filed for divorce in October. Issuing the statement, she said, “Mahesh and I have shared a life together and as we part ways, I wish him all best for his future.”

Still then Lara and Mahesh refuse the relationship between them. Meanwhile, Shvetha doesn’t have any problem or comments on it. Why should she have? When she happily parted ways with the tennis player?

Lara hurts her ex-man Dino

Lara Dutta and Dino Morea
Lara Dutta and Dino Morea

Many people wanted to know that what went wrong between Lara Dutta and Dino Morea which separated them. But today we have something to reveal on the topic. Lara never talks on private matters openly, but she did it recently. In an interview when asked to her about the relationship, she made an unpleasant statement “Two dates and a dinner don’t make a relationship.”

The hurt Dino surprised by her comment. In an exclusive interview with Zoom, Dino responded to her comment as “What can I comment? I wonder what we shared then, it’s better to ask her what the whole thing was all about.”

Well only Lara knows the answer. Poor Dino!

Dino back with ex-girlfriend Nandita Mahtani

Dino Morea with Nandita Mahtani
Dino Morea with Nandita Mahtani

After breaking up with former Miss Universe and Bollywood beauty Lara Dutta, seems like Dino Morea has returned back to ex-girlfriend, fashion designer Nandita Mahtani. And reports have that they are much serious this time.

Lara-Dino separated around eight months ago. After break up Lara started dating tennis player Mahesh Bhupati, while Dino was all alone. Eventually he comes close to Nandita once again. According to sources Nandita was always remained friends to Dino, even when he was dating Lara, which was also the reason of worry for Lara. However the actor has now came close to his ex one more time. They have been scene together at private parties. However they still haven’t spoke about their relationship in public.

A source said, “During Arjun Rampal’s restaurant launch in Delhi about a month ago, both of them came together and were seen hand-in-hand at the party through the evening. Even on Sunday night during an awards event, they were extremely comfortable with each other. Dino came late as he had gone to attend an Acid Factory promotion event while Nandita had already reached the venue. Dino came with his close friend Baba and three of them were seen together after that. They even had dinner together.”

Don’t know how long they will keep their relationship under wraps, but the couple spotted much comfortable with each other at the public functions.

Lara-Sushmita can’t see eye to eye

Do Knot Disturb movie poster
Do Knot Disturb movie poster

The two former Miss Universe beauties and Bollywood actresses Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta recently had shown ugly side of their ego on the sets of their upcoming film Do Knot Disturb. Things become so serious that they stopped talking to each other.

One of the unit members of the film said, “The icy vibes between the two actresses was palpable. There was no face-off as such nor did they speak ill about each other. All they did was greet each other with a customary ‘hi’ that too only when absolutely necessary.”

What made things worse between the two? “Sushmita clearly spoke about the issues, which were bothering her. She remained defiant despite explaining why Lara has been given more prominence,” said the source.

However, Lara also had her concerns. “Lara felt that Sushmita has been given more importance than her in the film’s promos, posters and the entire marketing campaign,” revealed the source.

When quizzed to the ladies about it, Sush didn’t replied, while Lara diplomatically said, “There was no such thing. Sushmita is a lovely, classy lady and a pleasure to work with.”

Vashu Bhagnani, producer of the film said, “I don’t want to talk about this.”

Sanjay and Lara in a romantic song in Blue

Director Anthony D’Souza forthcoming film Blue is an underwater action thriller, which also features romance, songs and dance like any other Bollywood film. The film is one of the most expensive films of Bollywood. The director has given an international touch to the film. However the romance part of the film includes Lara Dutta and Sanjay Dutt. The director has shot a romantic song with the duo which is composed by none other than music maestro AR Rahman.

The interesting part of the song is that Lara and Sanju will be seen dancing along with dolphins. The sequence is shot in Bimini Islands and the dolphins were trained for it. That means when the actors were rehearsing their part, the adorable sea creatures were also training for their part in the film. Lara and Sanju kept on playing with the dolphins even after the shot was done. Meanwhile the song was beautifully captured by the director and the dolphins are adding more beauty to the song.

See below the video of song:

Lara Molding In Comedy Roles

Lara Dutta
Lara Dutta

We can say that actress Lara Dutta is thinking seriously about comedy as she gets third comedy film in row. Previously Lara done comedy films like Partner and Bhagam Bhag, and so the actress is proud to be comedy actor. Lara will soon create laughs with her forthcoming films like Houseful and Do Knot Disturb.

Talking about Houseful, Lara said, “Houseful will be my third comic role in a row. And I’m not worried. It’s a large cast (Deepika Padukone and Jiah Khan). But I have the best part among the girls.”

She feels comedy is tougher that serious roles. “I think doing comedy is far tougher than serious roles. I don’t have to break my bangles and rub the sindoor off my hair to prove a good performance. Though I still have to get that one performance-oriented role which would take me to another level. Every morning I wake up and say, I know it’s out there somewhere,” she said.

David Dhavan is directing Do Knot Disturb, in which Lara playing a role opposite Govinda. Lara and Govinda worked together previously in Bhagam Bhag. “David and Govinda share an outstanding comic chemistry. If I’ve been able to match steps with them then that’s quite something for me. Govinda and I share a lot more scenes together here than in Bhagam Bhag,” added the actress.

The interesting thing about Do Knot Disturb is that for the first time Lara and Sushmita Sen, the two former Miss Universes came together, to which Lara see as USP.

There were reports that the actress is taking break after her recent box office flop Billu Barber. However she has something else to say “I had a number of releases, but then the strike happened and few of them got held up. Ravi Chopra’s Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai ran into litigation and David Dhawan’s Do Knot Disturb also got held up. There’s a stay order on Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai till June. I can’t comment on the matter since it’s subjudice. Ravi Chopra is a man who knows what he’s doing,” said Lara.

Mahesh Bhupathi – Lara Dutta’s New Beau

Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi
Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi

Rumours going round the floor that actress Lara Dutta, who recently broke up with Dino Morea is seeing married tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi. Lara and Dino were seeing each other for a year, but they called it off three months ago. Nobody knows the reason of their split, but Dino was aware that there is someone else in Lara’s life and so accepted that his relationship with Lara is over. However Lara didn’t wasted time and found new love in Bhupathi. Although Bhupathi is a married man, his relationship with wife Shwetha Jaishankar is supposed to be on the rocks.

A source revealed, “Lara and Dino, who were dating for a year, called off their relationship almost three months ago. That’s when Lara met Mahesh through a common friend and the two instantly liked each other and started dating. Mahesh’s marriage to Shwetha Jaishankar has been on the rocks for quite sometime now. The tennis star and Lara have been going strong ever since they met. Lara and Mahesh are making sure not to make any public appearances together as their relationship is hush hush right now.”

However when asked to both of them, they denied it. “I am a married man and I am not dating anyone,” said Bhupathi. However, Lara replied to text message as, “Have you guys lost it?”

Before Dino, Lara was dating for longtime to Kelly Dorji. However, Kelly recently claimed that his former best friend Dino had backstabbed him by lying about his affair with Lara.

Lara Can’t Stop Talking About Blue

Lara Dutta
Lara Dutta

Lara can talk on and on when it comes to her forthcoming film Blue, in which she had played some underwater stunts. This time it’s another tale. Today she wants to thank and due credit to her co-star Akshay Kumar for that. It was Akshay who suggested her name for the film.

“Akshay was the one who recommended my name for Blue,” tells Lara.

Lara later adds that she was not comfortable doing those 70 feet underwater diving along with sharks around, but it was Akshay who always came to her rescue.

“I got a call from Akshay. He suggested that I take some swimming lessons before the starting of the film, and that if I wasn’t comfortable then I could well back out of the movie altogether. But then, Akshay has a favorite dialogue that works wonders on me. He says, “Tum nahi to aur kaun?” That really gets me,” said the candid Lara.

Well, we are waiting for another Blue tale Lara.