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Salman forgives John

Salman Khan, John Abraham
Salman Khan, John Abraham

The ability to forgive and success are interrelated. Success can make you happy, and when you are happy, you can forgive anyone easily. Currently, Salman Khan is exemplifying this state of mind.

Recently, Salman made up with his long-time foe John Abraham in Mehboob studios. These two actors were not on talking terms for more than four years now.

The patch-up took place on the sets of Rohit Dhawan’s directorial debut Desi Boyz, which stars John Abraham, Akshay Kumar, Chitrangada Singh and Deepika Padukone in the leading role, which is being produced under Eros International banner. On chancing with Salman Khan on the sets, John wondered how Salman will react after seeing him.

When they made an eye contact, John smiled. Noticing the discomfort in John’s eyes, Sallu went over and hugged hum. An eyewitness says, “Actually, they both took a few steps towards each other. However, the hug took everyone by surprise. Past that, there was a big celebration on the sets. Salman and John even had lunch together.”

The reason why Salman came on the sets of Desi Boyz, the source says, “Sallu came to meet Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt who are acting in the film. Sanjay’s name was recently added to the cast for a cameo.”

Ages ago, the differences started increasing between Salman and John over payments at their Rockstar stage show in 2006. By the time they came together to work in Ravi Chopra’s Babul, the animosity had increased and it reflected on-screen as well.

After this John continued to work with Salman’s then girlfriend Katrina Kaif in Yash Raj Films’ New York. Meanwhile Salman refused to work with John’s girlfriend Bipasha Basu. The director duo Abbas-Mastn had decided to cast Bipasha and Salman together in a mega project, but the instant Salman came to know who the heroine was he turned down the offer.

This year in June, Salman ended his cold war with Bipasha, though in this situation it was Bipasha who took the first step towards reconciliation. At the award ceremony in Sri Lanka, Bipasha walked over to Salman’s room and spoke to him at length. Since then the two have learnt to maintain a cordial relation with one another. Bipasha attended Salman’s Being Human fashion show as well.

Ram Mirchandani who is the Chief Creative Officer of Eros International was also present on the sets. He confirmed saying, “Yes John and Salman met very warmly. Salman had some to visit Rohit, John, Akshay and Deepika.”

Well, as it’s said all’s well that ends well. We wonder if Sallu is planning to forgive Vivek Oberoi….

Dostana sequel to hit the floors this summer


Famous filmmaker Karan Johar will start shooting for the sequel of Dostana, which is a lighthearted tale of three friends, this summer. The lead actors of this movie are Banished Bachchan and John Abraham. Karan recently posted on his micro blogging site Twitter, “Dostana 2 starts filming this summer. The final cast will be announced at the end of the month…of course AB and John lead the way.”

The filmmaker whose last release was Shahrukh Khan starrer My Name is Khan. Karan is still completing the last shooting schedule of his untitled film with Kajol, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. This upcoming movie is an adaptation of the Chris Columbus comedy drama Stepmom. Karan also posted on Twitter, “Sonam Kapoor’s last shooting day today for I Hate Luv Stories…one song with Imran Khan left and it’s a film wrap…summer release.”

John and Bipasha Still Together

Bipasha Basu, John Abraham
Bipasha Basu, John Abraham

There have been many rumors lately about this beautiful couple’s break-up. However, the fact is that John and Bipasha have moved in together. They both did not make any public appearance after the rumor of their break-up. According to the Bollywood gossipers, Bipasha had ended the relation and they were not together anymore. It was also said that the couple has decided to give each other some space and let love take a backseat. After New York, John made no public appearance, while Bipasha was seen alone for the promotions of her movies.

In spite of the rumors, it was found out that John and Bipasha are not only in love but have also moved in together. A close source of Bipasha says, “John is now living with Bips at her Khar residence. Even though the move is not permanent, the two spend a lot of time together. Like any couple, John and Bipasha also have arguments but that does not mean they have split.”

They couple many issues but that has been sorted out. Sometime back, the couple decided to give some space to each other, and that is the reason John did not accompany Bipasha at many events. Bips thought that the relation was becoming stagnant, and she asked John that they should spend some time apart.

When asked Bipasha about their relationship problems, Bipasha Laughed and said, “Guess we are living with each others ghosts day and night then! Thank you for informing me about this ridiculous buzz again. I am not a story and if people are talking, they have nothing else to do and cannot be happy for anyone. People thrive on negativity. Sorry to disappoint all those who are making this the talk of the town. Either I am getting married or breaking up! Amazing! Year after year the same stories.” However, John was unavailable for the comment.

Deepika’s New Look for Dabboo Ratnani Calendar

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone

The famous Bollywood photographer Dabboo Ratnani’s annual 2010 calendar is out. This is the 11th year where he has captured all the top celebrities for his trademark calendar. The calendar this year will have a black-and-white theme.

Deepika Padukone’s picture looks like she is not wearing anything, since all the body parts you see are bare. Dabboo Ratnani says, “I wanted to make her look sensual, but aesthetic. Last year, I shot her in a sari, so this is in total contrast. She strikes a thinking, dreamy pose, and I have used lighting to match her mood. Normally Bollywood is associated with bright colors. Black and white images are of the bygone eras but I opted for a stark B&W mood in the snapshots is dark but the styling modem.”

Every year, Dabboo starts his preparations in October. Although, he has many interactions with the celebrities for their shots for magazines, movies and portfolios, every year all of them take time out for the calendar. Ratnani says, “The shoot provides the stars a platform to experiment with their looks and styling.” The 2010 calendar includes celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Kajol, Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, John Abraham, Sonam Kapoor and Kangna Ranaut.

The celebrities who are making their first appearance in this calendar are Asin, Farhan Akhtar, Genelia D’Souza and Imran Khan. Dabboo does not want to comment on which star is looking the best. He says, “They are all my friends and go out of their way to cooperate. For me they all look hot.” Dabboo Ratnani is not interested in selling his calendar in the market, it is exclusively made for the Bollywood celebrities.

John Abraham to Turn a Producer

John Abraham
John Abraham

John Abraham is very fond of wildlife especially tigers. John is turning into a producer he is planning to make a film on tiger preservation, which will be directed by globally known filmmaker Mike Pandey.

The documentary movie is titled as “The Return of The Tiger“. it will be an alarming film on the species becoming extinct. When asked John about the movie he says, “I decided to produce the film because I truly believe tigers are one of the most magnificent creatures on this planet. And if we don’t take quick and immediate action to preserve them there will be no tigers left.”

The motive of this film is to create a worldwide awareness and the need to protect and preserve tiger. The Return of The tiger will be screened at various film festivals and at the summits of wildlife-preservation. John also added, “This film is far too important in terms of its message. I decided to produce it after I met Mike Pandey. He is such a lovely man, so committed to capturing the essence of nature on camera. I just decided to get committed to Mike’s level of commitment.”

John brought traffic to halt in London

John Abraham
John Abraham

John Abraham brought the traffic to halt at the London’s iconic bridges Tower Bridge and London Bridge for the shooting of Abbas Tyrewala’s upcoming film 1-800-Love. John did the miracle which even the Hollywood biggies couldn’t do. Earlier Hollywood films like National Treasure and Bourne Ultimatum didn’t get permission to shoot at those locations, except the film The Mummy which received permission to shoot for one night only. However Abbas managed to get the permission to shoot for four nights. Moreover boat traffic had given halt to the River Thames for one night. Both the iconic bridges cross the river. John along with the film unit of seven cameras absolutely owned the grand place for some time.

Talking about the experience, John said, “I was reminded regularly for two months that the Tower Bridge would be blocked off, but that night, as the clock struck 9.30 pm, and four police bikes escorted my car on to the middle of the bridge, I was over awed! The grandeur of virtually own one of London’s greatest landmarks – what an experience!”

John Abraham’s 1-800-LOVE is on halt

John Abraham and Abbas Tyrewala
John Abraham and Abbas Tyrewala

Director Abbas Tyrewala has given halt to his project named 1-800-LOVE starring John Abraham. The non-stop shooting schedule in London exhausted the cast and crew of the film so much that they were not performing with same enthusiasm in Mumbai. Eventually the director had to announce break to the unit.

Abbas was not happy with the shooting result which he shot back in Mumbai at Mehboob Studios, so he decided to allow his unit members to breathe after the hectic schedule. After the non-stop shoot in London in August and September, the unit started shooting immediately in Mumbai. “We have been shooting non-stop. We are all exhausted… me, John and Pakhi. The quality of work was suffering. When I looked at the shots, I saw the difference in quality. We’re in no hurry. All of us are so much into the project that we can afford to take time off without bothering about the wasted dates,” said the director.

When the unit resumes work is not yet decided, but the director has already cut down some parts of the film that he shot in Mumbai. “I don’t want to shoot anything that I would have to edit. I have already edited out Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak’s role (from the script) because it didn’t fit in,” adds the director.

John to join Aamir, SRK for an international flick

John Abraham
John Abraham

The film titled as Bombay Velvet, will be directed by our own Anurag Kashyap and the Slumdog… fame Danny Boyle. However the even more interesting part is that it features you three hottest hunks of Bollywood: Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham.

In fact John was the first actor to be signed for the film, before the much established names (SRK and Aamir) made news. A source said, “This was just after John and Anurag formed a mutual fan-club after working together in No Smoking. Although the film didn’t work at the box-office both John and Anurag vowed to do another film. That’s when Bombay Velvet was born. The film has three segments and John was signed on for the second segment. He will play a real-life 1960s hero of the masses.” SRK and Aamir will play in the first and third part respectively.

Soon after John knew that he has signed for the role, the actor started preparing for the character by reading extensively. John’s role demands him to acquire completely new mannerism and body language. He has to cast off his contemporary style. John admitted that his friends often teased him saying that he has lost the project. But the actor never listened to them and kept on working.

Talking about one of the teasing, John’s friend said, “When he heard that Aamir was signed, John was really happy for Anurag. People told John that Aamir had replaced him but John knew the truth. Even if it was true, he’d have been happy for Anurag. However, Anurag would never ever drop John. After 10 years of struggle in the film industry, John was the first hero who took Anurag seriously. Earlier every attempt to get into the big league had failed. Anurag would rather drop the project than drop John.”

Talking about John’s participation to the film, Anurag earlier said, “John Abraham has drastically cut his price for my next film Bombay Velvet. So even when I work with stars my project becomes economical. I don’t charge any money as a director until the film makes money. After No Smoking, John and I want to make sure our film is accessible to the audience. Today I realise where I had gone wrong in my earlier cinema. I’m working on my weak points. I tend to get repetitive. So I’ve got two writers for Bombay Velvet who criticized me the most for No Smoking.”

John and Katrina Were Not That Kind of Friends

John Abraham and Katrina Kaif
John Abraham and Katrina Kaif

There has been news earlier this week that Salman is throwing away Katrina’s stuff from his house when he came to know that his love interest Katrina Kaif and his foe John Abraham are SMS friends. However the news turned as a rumour and now the victims of this rumour John and Katrina are clarifying the matter on their own side. John and Katrina became friends when they got to work together in their forthcoming film titled New York. John says that the SMSes were of work related only, while Kat explains that their friendship was not that kind of friendship.

“I’ve no idea where this story started from,” says Katrina.

She later added, “But Salman was very angry and he was ready to clear the air with the people who started it, but they didn’t come on the line. So, obviously, someone’s up to mischief.”

Talking about John and her friendship with him, Kat said, “John was a sweetheart, we enjoyed each other’s company. There are some friendships that are carried on even after the film is completed. But, John and I never became that kind of friends. The SMSes were old ones, not new. All this is rubbish.”

What about Salman’s anger and throwing out her stuff? She asked, “What stuff of mine has Salman thrown away.”

“I haven’t given him any gifts till date. And, all my other personal stuff is still lying around in his house, intact. Most importantly, my photographs are still hanging on the walls,” added Katrina candidly.

On the other hand John said, “I’m astounded that I’m being pulled into something so bizarre.”

The forth fold of the story, we mean to say John’s girlfriend Bipasha has full faith in her man and protective about him as she said, “John and I have gone through enough of such gossip. I don’t want to give any credibility to this by even commenting on it. It is malicious and absolutely the most bizarre story involving us. Just for the knowledge of people who actually love us together, we are very happy being with each other, and we’re responsible and protective about our relationship.”

John has been always linked with his co-stars as he was linked to Mallika Sherawat (they together did a world tour), co-star of Salaam-e-Ishq, Vidya Balan and co-star of Elaan, Lara Dutaa. Katrina was also linked up to Ranbir Kapoor, her co-star of Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani and now John.

John To Promote Football Seriously

John Abraham
John Abraham

Actor John Abraham who himself is avid fan of football now steps in to rescue the All India Football Federation (AIFF), as the president of AIFF, Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi is seriously unwell. John wants to add his bit to the sport. He was even thinking of starting a football academy.

As Dasmunsi is gravely ill, John steps in to promote football seriously. For that he has joined hands with two of country’s great footballers Sunil Chetri and Bhaichung Bhutia.

“Bhaichung and Chetri are football buddies. We have the same goal, when it comes to the interest of the game. So we’re onto planning something major,” says John.

John later added, “With him (Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi) in a coma, I’m seriously lost on how to go about promoting football. But yes, I definitely won’t allow the game to suffer. As an ambassador for football, I’m doing my best to carry the game forward.”

John has also done a film Dhan Dhana Dhan – Goal, which was totally dedicated to football. Also it was only because his love for the sport that he did Sooni Taraporewala’s Little Zizou. Talking about the film John adds, “It was a sweet film about a little boy’s love for the game apart from being about Parsis. You know I’m a half bawa.”

John even doesn’t mind to produce a film based on football.