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Imran performed with Strings

Imran Khan
Imran Khan

Imran Khan is one of the biggest fans of the Pakistani rock band Strings for many years now. He was completely shocked when his wife, Avantika got them to perform for his birthday (January 13).

A source revealed, “The newlyweds were staying at an exclusive resort, which is an hour’s drive from Phuket, Thailand, on an island called Kaho Lak. On his birthday, Avantika told Imran that there would be barbeque at the seaside with a live band performing for him. He had no idea that the band would be strings.” Imran joined the band on the stage.

The actor confirmed the news saying, “It was one of the best birthdays I have had. Everyone seemed to know about it. What surprised me was that not a single murmur had reached my ears till the morning when I saw them on stage. We enjoyed listening to them and jammed with them as well. What is really nice that I got to know them really well and am happy to say we really jammed well.”

The band stayed with the newly weds, family and friends and they left after a few hours.

KJo is the wedding planner

Karan Johar
Karan Johar

Finally, Imran Khan and Avantika Malik have turned to Karan Johar to plan their wedding and wedding functions. The director is more than happy to help them. Initially the bride-to-be wanted to do things on her own, but as the wedding date came closer, it hit her that she is getting stressed with all the planning and needs help.

She did not know whom to ask. The groom was of no help, as he is busy shooting the next movie of Yash Raj productions. A souce revealed, “Avantika was getting stressed about everything from her wedding trousseau to the menu. Imran was in conversation with his I Hate Luv Storys producer and mentioned how his sweetheart was panicking and KJo immediately offered to look at the list and help her with all the suggestions. When he sat down with Avantika and saw her plans, he was not very happy with a few things. So the veteran of all things Shaadi took the reins in his hands and became the unofficial wedding planner for the couple.”
The first and the most important thing was the trousseau. Karan asked Varun Bahl and Manish Malhotra to design the clothes of the couple. Karan was very specific with the details. He asked Avantika to wear a burnt orange color lehenga and not only this, he picked a green colored Maang Tikka for her as well.

Imran confirmed saying, “Karan has been very helpful. He has been an excellent mentor and a friend to Avantika. He has helped us immensely and sorted our lives. I did not have time for planning but he really helped Avantika in all the planning.”

Imraan and Avantika will get married on Jan 8

Imran Khan and Avantika Malik
Imran Khan and Avantika Malik

The ceremony will take place in Karjat on January 8. All the informal invites have already been sent out. To coincide with the Diwali festivities on the weekend, informal invitations were extended for Imran’s wedding with Avantika Malik. The actor will tie the knot on January 8 with his fiancée at their Karjat farmhouse.

A close source to the actor revealed, “Though it is exactly two months away, the preparations are in full swing. Those on the guest list were sent SMSes or told on the phone to keep themselves free on January 8 from 5 pm to 5 am. The message stated that a formal invite of the wedding card would follow later.”

The source added, “As it was Diwali, it was considered an auspicious occasion to start with the invitations.” The Malik’s are telling everyone to keep themselves free on the wedding day. They are going to have dusk till dawn bash for their wedding.

The nephew of Aamir Khan had his engagement party with a brunch, followed by the ceremony and dinner in the evening. For this occasion he gifted Avantika a Volkswagen Beetle. The engagement invite was in the shape of a metal box, which had a bottle full of sand. The invite was rolled inside the bottle.

Imraan has always been very open about his relationship with Avantika. They were amongst the few people who were invited for the opening of Arjun Rampal’s nightclub in Delhi and a toast was raised for them.

Deepika loves Road Trip

Break Ke Baad
Break Ke Baad

Recently, Deepika convinced her entire team of Break Ke Baad to hit the road after bad weather prevented them from flying to Delhi. Imran Khan, Deepika, Kunal Kohli and the director Danish Aslam were scheduled for a visit in IIT, Delhi for a promotional event for the film. The team was supposed to meet at the Chandigarh airport and take a flight to Delhi. However, there was an unexpected snow blizzard in Rohtang, which forced them to go for an eight hour long road trip.

When asked Kunal Kohli about this he says, “It was the biggest adventure of our lives. We could not have imagined that a snowstorm in Kashmir would affect the weather in Chandigarh. After out flights were cancelled, Deepika suggested that we should hit the road. She was very interested to make it to Delhi under any circumstance. Since she came to know that the students were looking forward to meeting them, there was no way she was willing to cancel. Imran decided to travel as well from Patiala, where he was shooting.”

He added, “We all were hungry, but Deepika was really worried about getting mobbed. Therefore, we looked for a relatively empty place and she covered her face with dupatta and then got out of the car. We managed to eat chana bhatura, but word got out that she was in the dhaba and people soon started crowding. We managed to get out of there before it got too crowded.”

When Deepika was asked about her first-ever road trip, she said, “While Danish and Kunal were taking care of the logistics and making sure that we got to Delhi on time, I was busy enjoying the adventure. I think stopping at the local dhaba and eating food was really memorable. Among all the traveling I have done, this particular trip will go down as something really special.”

In spite of all the odds being against them and reaching Delhi before their deadline, Deepika and Imran managed to visit a mall and meet all their fans. They met some students from IIT and recorded their voice message for the whole campus.

The new Coke-ad features Imran Khan

Imran Khan
Imran Khan

Imran Khan has stayed away from the endorsement segment for a very long time. Now, he will be seen in the new coca-cola advertisement as the new brand ambassador. Imran says, “This is actually the first and the only endorsement I have signed over a year and a half, since, I have joined the film industry. This was the only endorsement that I wanted to sign before they ever came to me.”

He continued saying, “I think Aamir has been endorsing Coke for 10 years now, and ever since I was a kid, I used to watch his ads. I have always considered Coca-Cola synonymous with refreshment and happiness. I am sure everyone will find the new Coca-Cola communication extremely engaging.” This new campaign will feature Kalki Koechlin, the actress of the movie Dev D. While talking about the concept of the ad, Imran said, “the entire concept of the film is about how Coke breaks the ice between two characters who might not have been together, if Coke was not there. What is really interesting in the ad is that we have used an imaginary bottle.”

Bollywood Heartthrob Imran Khan gets engaged

Avantika Malik, Imran Khan
Avantika Malik, Imran Khan

Imran Khan has got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Avantika Malik. The couple has been dating each other for a very long time. They have always been very open about their relationship. The duo was engaged at the Malik farmhouse in Karjat, Avantika and Imran arrived together at the farmhouse to exchange the rings.

This engagement ceremony witnessed many Bollywood celebrities. Imran’s mamu Aamir Khan came with his wife Kiran Rao and his son Junaid, also Reena, Aamir’s ex-wife was present at the function. Aamir’s entire family was present at this occasion to bless Avantika and Imran. The other guests at the party were Kunal Kohli, Kunal Kapoor, Sarika, Karan Johar and Abhay Deol.

Kunal Kohli’s next with Deepika and Imran

Imran Khan, Deeepika Padukone
Imran Khan, Deeepika Padukone

After Deepika’s brake-up with Ranbir Kapoor, she is doing a film with Imran called Brake Ke Baad. That is Kunal Kohli’s next movie, he will be producing the film rather than directing. He says, “My director Danish Aslam and I always wanted to call his film Break Ke Baad because it is about a couple Imran and Deepika who break-up and want to come together.”

Earlier the title was registered with someone else. Kunal was unable to locate the legal owners of this title anywhere in Mumbai. Kunal says, “We finally tracked it down to Bangalore to a 60 year old gentleman who deals in electrical goods. He owns a company called Seva Films. He hopes to make films that would change the world. Break Ke Baad is one of the titles he had registered. He loved our idea and gladly parted with the title.”

The most difficult part was to get a permission to shoot in Delhi. Kunal says, “I could write a thesis on what I have gone through to get permission to shoot in Delhi.” However, his problem did not end there. He was also denied the permission to shoot on the Gold Coast. The entire movie is set in Australia and Delhi.

Break Ke Baad will be Kunal’s first film as an independent producer.

Deepika’s New Look for Dabboo Ratnani Calendar

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone

The famous Bollywood photographer Dabboo Ratnani’s annual 2010 calendar is out. This is the 11th year where he has captured all the top celebrities for his trademark calendar. The calendar this year will have a black-and-white theme.

Deepika Padukone’s picture looks like she is not wearing anything, since all the body parts you see are bare. Dabboo Ratnani says, “I wanted to make her look sensual, but aesthetic. Last year, I shot her in a sari, so this is in total contrast. She strikes a thinking, dreamy pose, and I have used lighting to match her mood. Normally Bollywood is associated with bright colors. Black and white images are of the bygone eras but I opted for a stark B&W mood in the snapshots is dark but the styling modem.”

Every year, Dabboo starts his preparations in October. Although, he has many interactions with the celebrities for their shots for magazines, movies and portfolios, every year all of them take time out for the calendar. Ratnani says, “The shoot provides the stars a platform to experiment with their looks and styling.” The 2010 calendar includes celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Kajol, Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, John Abraham, Sonam Kapoor and Kangna Ranaut.

The celebrities who are making their first appearance in this calendar are Asin, Farhan Akhtar, Genelia D’Souza and Imran Khan. Dabboo does not want to comment on which star is looking the best. He says, “They are all my friends and go out of their way to cooperate. For me they all look hot.” Dabboo Ratnani is not interested in selling his calendar in the market, it is exclusively made for the Bollywood celebrities.

Deepika to romance with Ranbir’s close friend Imran

Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan
Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan

Deepika Padukone is thorough professional and doesn’t want to mix her personal life with professional life. As a result, she signed a film opposite Imran Khan, who is the closest friend of her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor.

According to sources, Deepika after her break up with Ranbir is signing more and more projects to keep her busy. She has signed many big films and the one with Imran is one of them. Kunal Kohli will produce the film, while debutante director Danish Aslam, who was assistant to Kunal, will direct the film.

Revealing more on Deepika’s next assignments, a source said, “Post her breakup with Ranbir, Deepika is taking on more and more assignments to keep herself busy. She now wants to focus on her career and make all the right moves. She has signed films with Ashutosh Gowariker and Yash Raj Films. Danish’s film, which is jointly produced by Kunal Kohli and Big Pictures, is another big film in her kitty. Deepika is very excited about it. She chose to sign the film despite Imran being Ranbir’s close friend as she has moved on. She doesn’t want to mix her personal life with her professional life.”

Kunal Kohli confirmed the news and said, “It’s true. We have finalised Imran and Deepika for the film. We are hoping to start the film early next year. It’s a love story and we are yet to find a title for the film. Danish will be making his debut as a director with this film.”

Imran-Ranbir Declined Zoya’s Film to Work Together

Imran Khan-Ranbir Kapoor at 54th Idea Filmfare Awards 2009
Imran Khan-Ranbir Kapoor at 54th Idea Filmfare Awards 2009

After watching Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor hosting the last Filmfare Awards, every filmmaker think of casting them together. However, both the actors also want to work together. But when Zoya Akhtar, who previously made Luck by Chance approached them with a script, they declined to do it as both of them wants to cast together first in their own home production. Imran and Ranbir are planning to start a production house together and will act together first in their own production only. They have often discussed about their venture taking time out from their busy schedules.

Both the actors were on advanced talks with Zoya for her film. They also had liked the script but the latest update is that they are not doing it. Instead actor Hrithik Roshan and Abhay Deol will replace them for the film.

Revealing more, one source said, “Zoya had approached Imran and Ranbir to star in her new film. Farhan Akhtar had already agreed to be a part of the film and Ranbir-Imran too had loved the script. Ranbir had made up his mind to star in the film. Imran loved his role and was more or less convinced about it. However, Ranbir and Imran eventually decided that if they have to star together it should first be a film which will be produced by them. Imran and Ranbir will soon produce a film together for which they have had discussions with a couple of directors, Imtiaz Ali being one of them. They politely declined Zoya’s offer. She has now finalised Hrithik Roshan and Abhay Deol in place of Imran and Ranbir. Zoya can’t wait to start shooting as the script is brilliant.”

When asked to Zoya Akhtar, she confirmed it and said, “I am still writing my script. I will think about my film’s cast only after I am done with the script.”