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Emraan to become daddy

Emraan Hashmi
Emraan Hashmi

Serial kisser of Bollywood, Emraan Hashmi is soon to become a father. Well in real life. According to sources, Emraan’s wife Parveen Shahani is five-and-a-half months pregnant and so is about to deliver the baby by the end of January.

A friend of the couple revealed, “Emraan and Parveen are very happy. They are both looking forward to the new arrival in their family. Parveen is expected to deliver by the end of January.”

Emraan-Parveen completed almost three years of their marriage. Parveen quit her job of a nursery teacher two years ago. So how the actor feels about the baby arrival? “The baby is due in January-February. It’s altogether a different feeling when you are on your way to become a father. I feel I am in a different gear. Whether it’s a son or a daughter, we are okay with both. Both, Parveen and I have no preferences in this matter,” answers Emraan.

Kangana, Adhyayan Made Emraan To Wait For Shooting

Adhyayan Suman, Kangana Ranaut and Emraan Hashmi
Adhyayan Suman, Kangana Ranaut and Emraan Hashmi

Recenlty, on the sets of Mahesh Bhatt’s Raaz 2, the couple Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman made Emraan Hashmi to walk out of the set, by making him wait for two hours. Even if required for the shot, Kangana and Adhyayan remain locked in the vanity van, while Emraan walked out of the set leaving the shoot in between.

A source from the set said, “Kangana and Adhyayan were locked in their vanity van for nearly two hours despite being required for the shot. Initially, Emraan waited for them patiently. Director Mohit Suri tried to save the situation by sending production guys to knock on their vanity van’s door to remind them about their shot. However, the production guys either felt awkward about knocking on the door or were scared of the couple’s reaction and hence chose not to disturb them.”

When Emraan realized that it’s getting longer than a usual, he gets stormed out. Mohit was trying to convince him, but Emraan was unstoppable and left the set. After nearly two hours when the couple gets out from the van, they realized their stupidity and were embarrassed. But it was too late because Emraan was already left.

However, Mahesh Bhatt said, “I don’t get into the trivia about what happens on the sets but I did hear something of this sort from my production team. It was not just Emraan, even producer Mukesh Bhatt and Mohit were miffed. But Adhyayan apologized profusely and that eventually got things back on track.”

Jannat compares Cricketers with Prostitutes

Jannat Emraan HashmiMahesh Bhatt’s Jannat released on May 16th that is today, has a dialog which compares the cricketers with prostitutes, now the question arises who has more reason to be offended by this act ? the Cricketers or the Prostitutes ? As known earlier Jannat deals with the Match-Fixing and some illegal acts in Cricket, Emraan Hashmi who plays a Cricket Bookie compares the two profession and says Cricketers are like prostitutes!.

The Censor board saw nothing objectionable on the world’s poshest profession bring compared with the oldest. Emraan Hashmi who plays Arjun a Cricket Bookie says “Dekhiye Sir. Cricketers aur prostitutes ke beech zyada farq nahin hota. Donon ki jawani khatm to kahani khatm” Yes these are the exact words used by him to a cricketer while fixing a match with him.

In fact producer Mahesh Bhatt is supremely gung-ho about this latest eyebrow-raising tryst with controversy. “Yes, those are the exact words in Jannat. And what’s wrong with that? If you think about it, we’re all prostitutes. And at least they deliver what they promise. I’m no different from a prostitute. I too am a pleasure peddler. And please, I’d rather be a prostitute than a saint,” says the eternal celluloid renegade who has earlier whipped up a frenzy of controversies in movies like Arth, Zakhm and Woh Lamhe.

It’s a Googly for Emraan

Emraan HashmiEmraan Hashmi, who plays a Cricket Bookie in Jannat, was embarrassed when his lack of knowledge about the game was discovered during a friendly match, Emraan couldn’t stop boasting that he knew a lot about cricket. However a recent match demonstrated that he actually knew very little about the game.

The cast and crew of Jannat got to know about Emraan’s lack of knowledge during a friendly match in Cape Town, South Africa. The moment they started playing the match, they realised Emraan had no clue about basic cricketing terms let alone the rules. When the Director Kunal Deshmukh questioned him he was embarrassed and admitted that he knew nothing about the game Cricket.

Emraan Hashmi & Sonal Chauhan starrer Jannat releasing May 16th

Emraan Hashmi and Sonal Chauhan in JannatThe most awaited movie ‘Jannat’ starring Emraan Hashmi and debutant Sonal Chauhan has finally announced it’s official release date on May 16th, It’s music is making rounds all the streets, hotels, disco’s, parties and everywhere and is a super hit as it always does in Emraan’s movies.

It is wellknown that Emraan’s character is based on a cricket bookie who wants to make fast money until he gets caught in a match fixing offense. The movie “Jannat” is also said to be inspired by coach Bob Woolmer murder case in 2007 that got on nerves of the entire cricket world.

The sweet and sexy model who has done a lot of TV commercials & also won many beauty contests is making her debut in this movie which is being directed by Kunal Deshmukh & produced by Mukesh Bhatt. Jannat is scheduled to hit theaters on May 16th, So I’m confirming my tickets in the multiplex now U too do the same as I think it is not affordable to miss this excellent movie :)