‘Painting Is My Hobby And Passion’ – Salman Khan

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Stamped as most handsome actor of Bollywood, Salman recently did a record kind of thing as he completed 25 paintings in 45 days. And through his paintings he captured the beauty of London.

When he was in London for the shoot of London Dreams, he painted the city every night. After the shooting, when Salman came back to Mumbai he made the airport staff busy taking off his 25 paintings.

One of his friend revealed that most of his paintings have the secularism theme and are about peace and harmony. In London he was used to shoot for day and paint in the night.

When asked to Salman, he said, “Yeas, I did a lot of painting in London. In the evenings, after shoot I used to come back to the hotel and get busy with my paintings, Painting is my hobby and passion, but then everybody knows about it.”