Nothing Wrong Between Chitrangada Singh and Sudhir Mishra

Chitrangada Singh
Chitrangada Singh

All is well between actress Chitrangada Singh and her mentor Sudhir Mishra, as she is becoming the favorite actress for the director.

Mishra has recently signed Chitrangada for his period film The Nawab, The Nautch Girl and The John Company. The film is based against the backdrop of the East India Company. The film will be produced by Reliance. On this note, Sudhir Mishra said, “Chitrangada will play a courtesan in the period film.”

It seems that Sudhir had forgotten his complaint against Chitrangada. He was earlier unhappy with her because chose director Onir’s film Sorry Bhai! for her come back instead of him. Sudhir had given break to Chitrangada with his film ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi.’

Apart from these two films, Chitrangada is also got casted in his another film Aur Devdas, which is modern version of Devdas. For the film she replaced Soha Ali Khan to play the role of Chandramukhi. Soha has earlier worked with Sudhir for film “Khoya Khoya Chaand” and he wanted her to play Chandramukhi in Aur Devdas. But some sources said that it’s the production house of Aur Devdas who were not keen to take Soha as part of the film, while other sources said that it is Soha who opted out of the project.

Sudhir said, “Earlier, the character of Chadramukhi was very different. But now that I have made a few changes, I need a new Chandramukhi who is dusky hence we chose Chitrangada. Soha is a fabulous actress. I will soon work with her.”

However, while talking about his film Aur Devdas, he said, “I am not remaking Devdas. I am giving a new dimension to the story.”

The film, Aur Devdas casts Shiney Ahuja (Devdas) and Lara (Paro) as other leads. The film was supposed to start 2008, but now it is postponed to July 2009.