Mallika Found Fan in Greek Musician Yanni

Mallika Sherawat and Yanni
Mallika Sherawat and Yanni

The 54-year-old Greek musician seems like become a fan of our own Bollywood hottie Mallika Sherawat as he dedicates his new song Changes to the actress at the concert Yanni Voices in Los Angeles. This is for the first time that Yanni has dedicated his composition to anyone. It was a crowd of 7,000 music enthusiasts where Yanni announced, “This song is for Mallika Sherawat. One of a kind.”

You must be wondering where the duo met. Well Mallika is in LA for post-production of her forthcoming film Hisss. However they first encountered on the microblogging website. She said, “…then he asked me, ‘May I, Your Majesty?’ and proceeded to kiss my hand.”

According to the sources, the musician had invited Mallika to attend his LA concert, to which she put condition that only if he dedicate a song to her. The video screen was showing images of Yanni’s performance in India at Taj Mahal in March 1997 when he was singing for the actress.

However Mallika couldn’t stop talking about it as she writes on her Twitter page “It was awesome! …I so wish my brother Vikram was there,” wrote Mallika.