Lisa Tasted Salman’s Polite Nature

Salman Khan and Lisa Lazarus
Salman Khan and Lisa Lazarus

Recently, on the sets of Veer, Salman turned as a choreographer for Lisa Lazarus. Things happened in such a way that, Lisa had to shoot a typical Bollywood number with Salman. She tried hard, but was not able to get the steps. At last when she stumbled, Salman came forward to rescue her. Salman is always known as a ladies man and this time the Miss Universe UK 2008 Lisa Lazarus tasted the gentle and polite nature of the actor.

Salman not only made her comfortable on the sets, but also taught her few dance steps when she couldn’t get it right.

A source said, “Lisa Lazarus could not get the dance steps right for a song which she was shooting with Salman. During one of her attempts, she fell flat on her face. Before she could get up, Salman rushed by her side and gave her a helping hand.”

“Lisa was shooting for a number which required her to perform a few typical Bollywood dance steps. Since Lisa is not used to dancing to Hindi numbers, she was struggling quite a bit to follow the instructions. However, all’s well that ends well. Salman really helped Lisa that day,” added the source.

When asked to the producer of the film, Vijay Galani, he confirmed, “Lisa stumbled after which Salman helped her out.”

Well, Lisa must have loved it, but will Katrina love it?