John Did His Stunt On Own

John Abraham
John Abraham

The hot and dashing John Abraham has really come a long way. The hottie recently insisted his director to re-shoot one stunt involving him, which was earlier done by some stuntman. It is Yash Raj Films’ New York and the scene shows John rappelling down a 40-floor skyscraper.

John’s insistence will worth him a lot as the scene came out as a spectacular. Also the director of the film, Kabir Khan said, “John pulled off that scene marvelously. It required real guts.”

One source said, “John told Kabir that he found that scene spectacular and hence he himself should do it. Obviously, he imagined himself in certain smashing close-ups. Kabir was shocked when John told him about his idea. He asked John if he was sure that he would be able to pull it off. John told him that he would like to take the necessary training. He trained with a few stuntmen for two days.”

“Kabir’s heart was in his mouth when he actually did it. John was coming down between two skyscrapers and the wind between two buildings is always very cutting. People with the toughest drive and enthusiasm can be blown away. Even if you are wearing protective gear, which John was wearing, it could prove fatal if the rope snapped or he lost his sense of direction.”

Bravo John. We don’t mind if you come up with some action film in future.