Golmaal 3 is sued!


The Indian Stammering Association (TISA), which is based in Dehradun is apparently very livid about Shreyas Talpade’s character who is continuously made fun of because he stammers.

Golmaal 3, like many other films has been sued over objected petty issues. TISA has sent a legal notice to the producers and is accusing them of mocking all those people who stammer.

The sources said, “This association has taken the filmmakers to court for making fun at people suffering from a disability. In Golmaal 3, Shreyas Talpade is playing the role of Laxman, who has the problem of stammering, and the others, played by Tusshar Kapoor, Kunal Khemu and Arshad Warsi, constantly keep making fun of him. The association has sent a legal notice asking them to delete all the scenes in which character is stammering.”

The producers are in a fix because the movie has released a week ago and now it is impossible to delete or remove all those scenes. The source added, “The producers will have to respond to the notice now, which is sent by the Uttarakhand court. They will have to respond to the notice before December 14.”

The spokesperson of Ashtavinayak Cinevision confirmed saying, “Yes it is true that we have received a notice from the TIAS. In the movie, we have not tried to put down any person who is suffering from a physical disability. The film is an entertainer and one should take it in the same way.”

When asked Shreyas Talpade he says, “No one will ever do it intentionally and people should look at this thing a positive manner, as the character I play is the hero of the film. I want to ask one thing to the association, ‘why are you all considering yourself to be different when we are not?’ we are not pointing a finger at anyone, and it is just a character in the film. Today we have so many constraints while making a movie, and so many problems keep coming up then we might have to make silent movies.”

Well let’s hope the loud and clear message by Shreyas to the sundry petitioners will save Bollywood from going back in the silent era.

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