Anil Donates Salary From Slumdog… To Plan India

Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor did a payback thing as he donated his Slumdog Millionaire salary to a charity called Plan India. The charity works for underprivileged kids. Anil played a role of Kaun Banega Karodpati host in the film.

Anil explains that he can relate not in all but in some way to the title character (Jamal Malik) of the film and so get inspired to donate the salary.

Anil revealed, “I told Danny, ‘I can identify with (lead character from the slums) Jamal Malik’. It’s almost the same thing because I started from a very simple background. Not slums exactly, but a 200 sq m cubicle with common bathrooms and I never wore shoes, always bare feet running around.”

Anil also explained that everyone who involved in the film was inspired from the story and that made the film success.

He added, “Everyone – Danny Boyle (director), Christian Colson (producer), Simon Beaufoy (writer) and Anthony Mantle (cinematographer) – they didn’t have commerce in mind, they just wanted it to be a good film. We wanted as many people to see the film as possible. I feel it’s the good intent of everyone and the children’s good wishes and their families that have made this film what it has become.”