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Marriage may or may not fit in the next five years, but Vidya is not going to give up acting for anyone or anything and she also thinks that life has been good ever since she has turned 30.

She says, “Acting is a part of who I am. I don’t think I will ever give it up. But having said that, if it does come naturally to me and I do feel like taking it slow at some point of time, then maybe I will. But this will never be a pre-condition to get into any relationship.”

Vidya Balan will be seen soon in her latest movie No One Killed Jessica, which is based on the Jessica Lal murder case. Vidya is happy about the fact the women are not giving up their careers for their personal lives anymore.

“I think women should work at every age. It is fantastic! And this is happening in every profession. I recently met a girl at a store who got back to work just after two months of delivering a child, this is known as dedication. But yes, in our profession in the earlier days, the instant you get married, you are ceased to be an object of desire, which is why most of the actresses have retired. Today, no longer! I guess this is all got to do with the fact and attitude that today if someone is with someone, it will never stop you from desiring them!”

This critically acclaimed actress, who has featured in movies like Parineeta, Guru, Ishqiya and Paa is rolling high these days. Neither her performances nor her dressing sense are being criticized. However, she admits that she has turned careful and fussy.

“I guess over a period of time, I think rightfully so, I have got the courage to do only what I want to do. I will never get pressurized to do anything, which I don’t want to do, even if it is a right film, or a kind of film that one should be doing. It has to excite me and challenge me. It can be a super simple film, it can be a completely mad role or it can be intense….it can be anything across this wide spectrum….but I have to feel excited,” she said.

This has also been her mantra when it comes to dressing up, especially since the time she become the favorite child of our fashion police. Now one will see her wearing only designer wears by Sabyasachi Mukherjee. She has got this new elegant look, which steals the focus wherever she goes.

“I will always stick to what makes me feel good. If I feel that I am looking good in something, then I will surely wear it. And if it is not, then even if it is the most beautiful crafted creation, I will not. This is the only criteria I use when I am wearing anything these days and I think this has worked for me,” says Vidya.

Let’s see how does Vidya manage to look in her new de-glam role in No One Killed Jessica.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

The famous Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif says she got her inspiration from pop icon Shakira for her sizzling item song ‘Shiela Ki Jawani’ for her latest film Tees Maar Khan.

The reporters pestered with questions about her resemblance to pop icon Shakira, and she politely said that she can only dream of comparisons. She says, “I can only dream of such comparisons. To be very frank, I drew inspiration from her. If my dance in the song ‘Shiela Ki Jawani’ reminds the viewers of Shakira, it is a huge reward for me.” She is currently in Kolkatta promoting Tees Maar Khan.

She is praising director Farah Khan and gave her all the credit for the huge success of this song. She added, “We have worked hard for this song. But the credit goes to Farah Khan and her conceptualization of the song. She is a brilliant choreographer.”

Tees Maar Khan is directed by Farah Khan and is set to release on December 24. It is already hitting the headlines for this new item song ‘Shiela Ki Jawani’, which features Katrina.

When asked Katrina about her role in the movie she says, “My role is of an aspiring actress, she is not very aggressive as it looked in the song. She is very naïve and sweet. She is the girlfriend of Akshay in this film. She gets herself into trouble because of her own stupidity. Its’ a fun character.”

This complete movie revolves around Tarbez Mirza Khan, who is a criminal played by Akshay Kumar. His girlfriend Anya played by Katrina gets a new job of robbing antiques worth Rs. 500 crore from a huge guarded environment. This film is an action comedy.

Deepika and Saif

Deepika and Saif

The famous duo of Love Aaj Kal, Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone will work together in Illuminati Films. Illuminati Films is Saif’s home production with partner Dinesh Vijan.

Imtiaz Ali who had directed Love Aaj Kal has scripted this untitled movie. The movie will go on floors in April 2011 and will be shot in New Delhi, Spain and London. When asked Saif about this he says, “I was waiting for a script as contemporary and relevant as this is to come my way and I agree that this has been worth the wait. The story is funny, romantic and it has a perfect balance of entertainment and drama. I wanted to go for a love story with a modern treatment and sensibility.”

When asked about working with Deepika Padukone, the actor says, “I am looking forward for my pairing with her again. She has a great role and I think she has grown a lot post Love Aaj Kal and she will handle this role very well.”

Imtiaz’a earlier movies Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met and Love Aaj Kal all have delved on relationships about the various choices in life. This movie will be in the same space as Love Aaj Kal left off and the roller coasters from there.

Deepika considers Saif to be her favorite co-star and she has never played such a character before. She says, “To find a script like this, which is quirky and edgy, had an instant connect with me. This movie will also mark the reunion of the LAK team, with Saif, Dinesh and me. I am very excited to be working with Saif again, and I hope we can recreate the magic of LAK once again.”

Dinesh says, “At Illuminati films, Saif and I have always wanted to make projects with diverse genres and stories that we actually believed in. We want to take our time and make content, which the today’s well-exposed audience may like. Imtiaz has given us a beautiful story.”

Kareena enters Politics!

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Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor

Ranbir and Katrina surprised everyone with strong portrayal of youngsters who were forced into politics under circumstances. Kareena Kapoor is all set to follow their footsteps. It has been heard that Farhan Akhtar has offered Bebo a lead role in Excel Entertainment’s political drama.

The very famous filmmaker Sudhir Mishra who got Kareena to act in Chameli has been roped in to direct this film. Will the critically acclaimed actress-director duo be able to create the Chameli magic again?

Sudhir Mishra has confirmed the news saying, “Yes, we have approached Kareena Kapoor for the next film, which will be produced by Farhan Akhtar known as Bhrub. I was planning a remake of Devdas but things didn’t work out as the script I was writing became something else. The script went on to become Bhrub. Bhrub is the name of the central character of the film around whom the complete movie will revolve. It is about a person who is the heir of a huge political family. Kareena will be playing the female protagonist. She has an equally important role in the film. About the male lead in this movie, we have few names in mind, but this will be finalized only when Farhan is free, post the shooting of Don 2. We will sit together and brainstorm.”

Sudhir continued saying, “Kareena completely broke free from the commercial films in Chameli and that is when people noticed her potential as an actor. I want to do that again as she has been exploited enough considering her talent as an actor.”

There are rumors of Abhay and Farhan doing the lead role, but who knows. Watch this space for more.

Shilpa on top of the world

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Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra

Yesterday Shilpa Shetty spent her wedding anniversary in Dubai with hubby Raj Kundra. They celebrated it at their new home on the 19th floor of the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa.

A close soruce to the actress says, “Shilpa was thrilled when Raj gave this luxury apartment to her as a gift. This was a wedding anniversary gift for her.”

Raj gave her the keys a week before their anniversary in Mumbai. She had been to Dubai a few months before, and she simply loved the building and expressed her wish of living there.

The couple took a three-day break for celebrating their anniversary. Raj had planned a lot of things for Shilpa along with a lavish dinner and a few surprises along with it. Shetty will be designing the interiors of their new apartment. After this, she will be off to Bangkok to shoot a shampoo commercial.

The sourse further added, “Shilpa suddenly got a 103-degree temperature on Staurday night and a bad attack of pharyngitis. Though the fever was normal till Sunday evening, her voice had gone completely.”

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Duggu was recently hospitalized for an allergic reaction from an antibiotic medicine. Hrithink Roshan said that he is much better now and he got to the hospital just in time and even a delay of 15 minutes would have proved fatal for our Greek God.

Hrithik said from the hospital, “It was an allergic reaction from the antibiotics that I was taking. Throat and lungs went into spasm. I came to the hospital just in time…all cool now. I am kept under observation for sometime.”

On Sunday evening, this reaction got so violent that his family got scared for his life. Hrithik was immediately taken to the hospital and an immediate check was carried out by a batch of doctors. An hour after his check, Hrithik sent an sms saying, “It was an allergic reaction. I got to the hospital in time. Fifteen minutes more it would have been fatal…lungs just closed…my voice box is affected.”

Now the entire family must be relieved and Hrithik is resting and recovering under observations. He said, “So finally I am in the hospital. Damn so much to do!”

Madhuri dDxit

Madhuri dDxit

The original dancing queen of Bollywood Madhuri Dixit has been missing from the limelight for quiet some time now. However, the actress is all set to make a comeback on the small screen as the judge of a reality show.

She was last seen in YRF productions Aaja Nachle, which turned out to be a huge box office dud. This Bollywood actress will be assessing other people on their dancing abilities on the fourth season of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, which is an Indian adaptation of Dancing with the Stars.

When asked Madhuri about this she says, “Dance has always been my passion and this show is also associated with that and this is the only reason I decided to be a judge on it. It took me a while to say yes. After I went back to LA and saw Dancing with the Stars, I was convinced to take this offer.”

Our very own Dhak Dhak girl will have the company of Remo D’Souza in the panel of judges. The name of the third judge has not been reveled yet, but there are rumors that Saroj Khan may join the panel. “I have no clue who the third judge is and it will be the decision of Sony. But it will be good for me if Sarojji is the third judge. I am keeping my fingers crossed,” says Madhuri.

As a judge for the dance show, she will be concentrating on the participants poise, grace and the attitude, rest of the details will be left for the other judges. Madhuri says, “The participants on this show are well-known in their own fields. They are people who are very ambitious and will put in their best for winning this challenge. I will be looking at how they project themselves and bring their personalities in the performance.”

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

We are sure that Siddharth Mallya will not like this. The recent buzz is that Deepika Padukone is not his girlfriend. Apparently, their affair is an official agreement for keeping them in news and to show him in the media as the right man in the town. In short, it means that he is the desirable heir for Dr. Vijay Mallya’s flamboyant boots.

The best way to get any confirmation in this gossip was from the lady herself. However, Deepika said that she will never agree about her affair with the Mallya scion. She says, “I don’t think I am ever going to be ready. There are various reasons. Last year there was too much focus on my personal life and no focus on my professional life. I have worked hard and I know people love me because of that and because where I am going out for dinners and with whom. Therefore, I want the speculations of Sid be and not clarify anything.”

In the past, she had admitted her relationship with Ranbir, but it did not help, because there were questions about her wedding and babies asked over and over again. Therefore, now the curiosity suits her. “It will not harm me. I will never stop leading my kind of life because of the speculations that happen every now and then, I am not concerned about what people have to say about me. Denying or admitting a relation will never stop people from speculating. I will not let anyone enter my personal life anymore. I have drawn a line here,” said Deepika.

Her next film Break ke Baad is about a couple who get back together after a break-up, so Dips is again being harassed with questions about Ranbir. All of this has lead to actress to go mad. Her replies are always guarded and she will never mention names, but all these are directly attributed to her ex-flame.

Everyone seems to be happy in their personal space and they are always cordial. So, we guess anything is possible.

Golmaal 3 is sued!

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The Indian Stammering Association (TISA), which is based in Dehradun is apparently very livid about Shreyas Talpade’s character who is continuously made fun of because he stammers.

Golmaal 3, like many other films has been sued over objected petty issues. TISA has sent a legal notice to the producers and is accusing them of mocking all those people who stammer.

The sources said, “This association has taken the filmmakers to court for making fun at people suffering from a disability. In Golmaal 3, Shreyas Talpade is playing the role of Laxman, who has the problem of stammering, and the others, played by Tusshar Kapoor, Kunal Khemu and Arshad Warsi, constantly keep making fun of him. The association has sent a legal notice asking them to delete all the scenes in which character is stammering.”

The producers are in a fix because the movie has released a week ago and now it is impossible to delete or remove all those scenes. The source added, “The producers will have to respond to the notice now, which is sent by the Uttarakhand court. They will have to respond to the notice before December 14.”

The spokesperson of Ashtavinayak Cinevision confirmed saying, “Yes it is true that we have received a notice from the TIAS. In the movie, we have not tried to put down any person who is suffering from a physical disability. The film is an entertainer and one should take it in the same way.”

When asked Shreyas Talpade he says, “No one will ever do it intentionally and people should look at this thing a positive manner, as the character I play is the hero of the film. I want to ask one thing to the association, ‘why are you all considering yourself to be different when we are not?’ we are not pointing a finger at anyone, and it is just a character in the film. Today we have so many constraints while making a movie, and so many problems keep coming up then we might have to make silent movies.”

Well let’s hope the loud and clear message by Shreyas to the sundry petitioners will save Bollywood from going back in the silent era.

Salman forgives John

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Salman Khan, John Abraham

Salman Khan, John Abraham

The ability to forgive and success are interrelated. Success can make you happy, and when you are happy, you can forgive anyone easily. Currently, Salman Khan is exemplifying this state of mind.

Recently, Salman made up with his long-time foe John Abraham in Mehboob studios. These two actors were not on talking terms for more than four years now.

The patch-up took place on the sets of Rohit Dhawan’s directorial debut Desi Boyz, which stars John Abraham, Akshay Kumar, Chitrangada Singh and Deepika Padukone in the leading role, which is being produced under Eros International banner. On chancing with Salman Khan on the sets, John wondered how Salman will react after seeing him.

When they made an eye contact, John smiled. Noticing the discomfort in John’s eyes, Sallu went over and hugged hum. An eyewitness says, “Actually, they both took a few steps towards each other. However, the hug took everyone by surprise. Past that, there was a big celebration on the sets. Salman and John even had lunch together.”

The reason why Salman came on the sets of Desi Boyz, the source says, “Sallu came to meet Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt who are acting in the film. Sanjay’s name was recently added to the cast for a cameo.”

Ages ago, the differences started increasing between Salman and John over payments at their Rockstar stage show in 2006. By the time they came together to work in Ravi Chopra’s Babul, the animosity had increased and it reflected on-screen as well.

After this John continued to work with Salman’s then girlfriend Katrina Kaif in Yash Raj Films’ New York. Meanwhile Salman refused to work with John’s girlfriend Bipasha Basu. The director duo Abbas-Mastn had decided to cast Bipasha and Salman together in a mega project, but the instant Salman came to know who the heroine was he turned down the offer.

This year in June, Salman ended his cold war with Bipasha, though in this situation it was Bipasha who took the first step towards reconciliation. At the award ceremony in Sri Lanka, Bipasha walked over to Salman’s room and spoke to him at length. Since then the two have learnt to maintain a cordial relation with one another. Bipasha attended Salman’s Being Human fashion show as well.

Ram Mirchandani who is the Chief Creative Officer of Eros International was also present on the sets. He confirmed saying, “Yes John and Salman met very warmly. Salman had some to visit Rohit, John, Akshay and Deepika.”

Well, as it’s said all’s well that ends well. We wonder if Sallu is planning to forgive Vivek Oberoi….