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Tara Sharma won’t shy to flaunt baby bump

Tara Sharma
Tara Sharma

Actress Tara Sharma is pregnant and is not at all shy to let it know to the world. The actress is even keen to do endorsement for pregnancy or baby products, violating the notion that a married or pregnant woman don’t have career. The actress recently had done a photoshoot for a childcare magazine with her baby bump.

Interestingly, Tara has done a role of pregnant woman in film Suno Na, which is soon gonna release. And for that as well the Tara thinks that she can do the authentic publicity. Tara says that the role prepared her for her real life role. Her one more film Mocktale is also set to release. Well at this point we can say she is really getting some good PR for her films with this baby act.

Unfortunately, she has to opt out of Rensil D’Silva’s film. On that note Tara said, “Unfortunately I had to back out of Karan’s film with Rensil as the shoot was delayed and my 8th month would be too late to fly to and shoot in NYC. But they were all so lovely about it so I definitely hope to work with Karan and Rensil in the future…for now of course, Roopak and my priority is our home production heehe…our baby!”

Pregnancy Took Tara Sharma Away From Work

Tara Sharma and Roopak Saluja
Tara Sharma and Roopak Saluja

Actress Tara Sharma who happily married her boyfriend Roopak Saluja in November 2007 is pregnant by four months. But it had forced her to pull out from Karan Johar’s film being directed by Rensil D’souza. Coincidentally Tara also played a role of a pregnant woman in Cinema Kollag’s Suno Na, which is due to release in May 2009.

The excited and joyful Tara said, “I have been keeping quiet about the good news but let me tell you, I’m pregnant! Fortunately, all is well and I’m feeling great. In fact, I am even shooting currently. I was just dubbing for Mocktale and preparing myself for the release of Suno Na.”

Talking about Karan Johar’s film, she has no regrets for being opted out from the film. Tara said, “I’m feeling wonderful and often talk to my unborn child. Karan’s film will be shot in May, but I have already conveyed to them that I shall no longer be a part of it. But I’m hardly planning to take a long break. I’ll be back to doing films very soon. Right now though, I’m just very excited about the baby!”