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Three theatre legends come together to make Broken Images

Shabana Azmi
Shabana Azmi

For the first time, three theatre legends- Shabana Azmi, writer Girish Karnad and director Alyque Padamsee – will come together for a play Broken Images. The Most interesting part of the play is that talented actor Shabana Azmi will be playing a double role in it. What’s even more interesting is that she is not enacting two different characters, but two facets of the same character. And with the help of theatrical technology developments, two Shabanas will be seen on the stage at the same time.

Talking about the technical facet of the play, director Alyque said, “There are two Shabanas in the play, it is Shabana speaking to Shabana. With the aid of technology, there are two Shabanas on the stage at the same time!” He later added that is it is his most exciting play in the past few years.

Meanwhile, the equally excited Shabana said, “The minute I finished reading the script, I said I was on… the play is so dramatic and challenging. It is a technical nightmare; I have to react to my own televised image on the screen. The image is shot as a single one hour shot, so the timing is crucial, there is no room for mistake.”

Revealing more on the play, Alyque added, “The play reveals itself as it unwinds. In that sense, it’s a complete thriller because it takes the audience on a roller coaster ride and keeps them guessing who the villain is and who the victim is till the end.”

The director also had praises for writer Girish, who has successfully bring out ‘how a woman’s heart and mind works’, despite being a man.

Raell Padamsee produces the play. Broken Images is a psychological thriller, displays two facets of a celebrity. Earlier, Arundathi Nag enacted the same play for the Kannada and Hindi versions. However, this time Shabana will do it in the English version. It will premiere on December 17.

Shabana says no to Karan for Gurinder

Shabana Azmi
Shabana Azmi

The veteran actress Shabana Azmi opted out from Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan, while she is next to do Gurinder Chadha’s It’s a Wonderful Afterlife.

Shabana opted out from Karan’s film because the shooting of the film is delayed due to Shah Rukh’s surgery and now she can’t give new dates as she already given dates to Guninder’s film. She had no choice but to opt out, but the actress has a lot interest to do the film because she never had shared screen with Shah Rukh.

While talking about Gurinder’s film, it’s again based on the Indians residing in UK. Shabana will play a role of hysterical Punjabi mother who is searching a suitable boy for her daughter.

Shabana Azmi is always known for her different kind of roles. Now a day, she was searching for a interesting role and it seems that her search is ended with Gurinder’s film. Director Gurinder Chadha is well known for her films like Bend it Like Beckham and Bride and Prejudice. Like her every film, this film also showcase the festive part of Indian culture. Her last directed film was a British comedy named Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

Actress Shabana Azmi will move to UK in March for the shooting of a film.