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Satish Kaushik Charged of Copying Storyline

Teree Sang Movie Wallpaper
Teree Sang Movie Wallpaper

Producer Ramoji Rao claims that Satish Kaushik has used storyline of his Telgu film Chitram for Teree Sang.

The film is about to release, however it got a twist in between when the director received a legal notice from producer Ramoji Rao. According to the allegation the film has a significant similarity with the Telugu film Chitram produced by Ramoji Rao in 2000. He further claims that no filmmaker has right to make a film based on the storyline, mannerism or treatment of the mentioned film.

The troubled director, Satish Kaushik said, “I can’t believe that they saw any similarity between my film and theirs. I know their Telugu film Chitram is about teen pregnancy. But so are so many other films like Juno, Fifteen And Pregnant and Where The Heart Is.”

Kaushik later added, “My lawyers are replying to the allegations of plagiarism right now. Show me one shot in Teree Sang, which is similar to Chitram even in passing, and I’m ready to do whatever they want.”

The film is based on teenage pregnancy. In Chitram, actress Reema Sen played the pregnant teenager. However with Teree Sang, newbie Sheena Shahabadi is making her debut, who is also a daughter of yesteryear actress Sadhana Singh.