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Will Parmeet Be Lucky This Time?

Parmeet Sethi
Parmeet Sethi

We often listen in Bollywood that friends recommend each other to get work in the industry. Similar kind of thing happened to actor Parmeet Sethi and director Varun Khanna.

Varun Khanna is residing in US for couple of decades and was searching for character actors for his film when people recommended Parmeet’s name for the role. But when the director heard full name of the actor, Parmeet Sethi, he recalled that this tall and handsome guy was actually his classmate. Immediately they met and now the duo is working and partying together.

There happiness raised high when they got to know that female lead of the film Hrishitaa Bhatt is also their junior from the same school. Well, now see how the luck factor works for the schoolmates.