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Shatrughan’s son to make Bollywood debut

Luv Sinha
Luv Sinha

Luv Sinha, son of actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha is ready to enter Bollywood with Raj Kanwar’s film Sadiyaan. Actress Ferena Wazeir will play a female lead opposite him; meanwhile the other cast of the film includes veteran actors like Rishi Kapoor, Rekha, Hema Malini and Shabana Azmi.

The 20-something actor when asked about acting and his dad, he said, “I am very close to my father and look up to him as he is someone who managed to achieve everything he has today without any support. He has had to struggle a lot before he became one of the most successful Indian actors of his time, as well as the first actor in Indian history to become a cabinet minister. I consider him as an actor, who played by his own rules and took a stand for the right reasons. I love watching his movies and observing him act. I respect him a lot and even if we have different views on certain issues, I always listen to what he has to say. My father has always taught us that nothing comes easy and we should not take anything for granted, especially if you are going to work in the film industry.”

The young actor has gone through acting training and is confident about his acting skills. He has learnt dance from Deepak Rawat and acting from Roshan Taneja, who also taught his father at FTII. Shooting for the films has already begun. Recently they have shot a song in Kashmir.

Luv Sinha in Sadiyaan:

Luv Sinha’s Filmfare Photo Shoot:

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