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Saif and Kareena Decides To Live-in Before Getting Married

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor
Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are not getting marrying for few years. As Kareena is just 27 and still have 6-7 more years to stay in the industry, the couple decided not to marry soon. Instead they decided to live in before getting married. Recently, they bought a new flat in Bandra and Akshay Kumar’s wife Twinkle Khanna will design it.

As quoted in news daily, Kareena said, “I have told Saif that I will be giving him points while working with him for Karan’s film and only after the schedule is over will I decide whether he has become my favorite co-star or not. I love the story as its set against a different backdrop. My favorite co-star is Akshay Kumar as there’s a great comfort level while working with him. Lolo and I are also very close to Akshay’s wife Twinkle who is designing Saif’s and my flat in Bandra.”

A close source to the actors revealed, “Kareena doesn’t want to marry so soon. She is just 27 and still has at least 6-7 more years to go before she goes her sister Karisma’s way. Karisma got married only after she felt she had achieved something in her career as an actress. Saif is madly in love with Kareena and wanted to marry her as soon as possible. But Kareena is reluctant. So both, with the consent of their families have decided to live-in before they get married.”

Kareena has Invited at Saif’s Ancestral Pataudi Village

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor
Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor

Actor Saif Ali Khan is dating Kareena Kapoor since his break up with Italian ex-girlfriend Rosa Catalano and it seems that he is very happy with Kareena. Both of them are looking forward to marry soon. Meanwhile, Saif’s family has invited Kareena to visit their ancestral village Pataudi in Haryana.

“Yes, Kareena has been invited to Pataudi. It’d have been earlier, but it was too hot. Winter is when our family reunions happen every year. And Kareena is now part of the family. My parents are extremely fond of Kareena,” Said Saif.

He later added, “This relationship is ‘IT’ for me. Today I feel very settled and very happy. Though a bit lonely. And when I’ve bad days, I feel I’m being ungrateful. I’m now looking forward to settling down with Kareena. Our marriage will happen very shortly as soon as we both have a little less work on hand and we can give the marriage quality time. Also, her family has to be ready for our marriage.”

Saif admitted that he found good rapport with Kareena’s parents (Babita and Randhir Kapoor) and her sister Karishma.

“We’re very close. She has been really gracious in inviting me into her family. She’s made sure I’m part of her family. I’ve also met Daboo uncle (Randhir) a few times, shared friendly drinks with him. As for Karisma, I think she’s the sweetest girl ever in the world. I’m deeply fond of both Karisma and her husband Sanjay (Kapoor). They’re truly wonderful people. Kareena’s family has taken to me as warmly as my family has taken to her,” said Saif.

Saif later added that his lifestyle has completely changed after a mild heart attack in 2007.

“My lifestyle has changed completely after the heart attack. Looking back it’s hard to believe I went through such a health scare. If it wasn’t for that life-changing experience, I wouldn’t be in a relationship with Kareena right now. I hardly drink. Don’t even look forward to drinking any more. I don’t smoke or party,” added Saif.

Kareena to Become Bridesmaid at Amrita’s Wedding

Kareena Kapoor & Amrita Arora
Kareena Kapoor & Amrita Arora

Whether it’s true or not, but speculation are widespread that Amrita Arora is all set to wed soon. Close friends of the actress claims that love is in the air and this time it is for real. After dumping the cricketer Usman Afzal, the hot actress has stumped Hyderabadi businessman Shakeel Ladak. The wedding bells are expected to ring in March, 2009. However, Amrita is not willing to accept or deny the news. She said, “I’ll tell you when I’m ready.”

The wedding ceremony will be a beautiful church wedding in Goa, something that Amrita has always dreamt of. However, her best friend in Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor is also excited to wear a bridesmaid gown in her wedding.

Kareena Kapoor on the Cover of People Magazine

Kareena Kapoor on People Cover
Kareena Kapoor on People Cover

It’s not new that Kareena Kapoor has appeared on some magazine cover. But this time it is People. People has printed an exclusive interview of Kareena Kapoor in its latest edition. In the interview she had talked openly about her future plans with Saif Ali Khan and her respect for Saif’s ex-wife Amrita Singh.

“I want to get married and have children. I would do anything to keep a relationship going. For me, time is a very precious commodity and I’m always there for Saif. And that says a lot. It’s very easy to talk about fidelity, loyalty and swimming the seven seas but considering the lives we lead, I think the most important thing in a relationship is the amount of time you can spend with each other,” said Kareena.

Later she added that she has no problems with Saif’s past life. In fact she has great respect for his ex-wife Amrita Singh.

While talking about Amrita, she said, “I have been a fan of Amrita Singh. I haven’t met her ever but I know her through her films. For me, she’ll always have a place of importance in his life because she is Saif Ali Khan’s first wife and the mother of his children. And, I’ve told Saif this. I would want her to have that kind of respect always. This is what my parents have taught me. At the end of the day, it was just a marriage that didn’t work out. I have always encouraged Saif to be friends with her because I think that would be great. I guess they will just need time but that’s something that they would need to deal with. I will always respect her. As far as any other relationship of Saif is concerned, I don’t think they really mattered.”

When asked about her marriage plans with Saif, she replied, “Of course, we do talk about the future. If I was to imagine what it would be like 30 or 40 years from now, I see Saif and me on a yacht, sailing across the world. So you see, he is a part of my future.”

Well after reading the interview, it seems that Kareena has really grown up. So find out the latest copy of People and read the exclusive interview of Kareena Kapoor.