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Himesh trying hard to patch up with Salman

Himesh Reshamiya on Dus Ka Dum
Himesh Reshamiya on Dus Ka Dum

For last two years, Himesh Reshammiya was on agenda that he will create music only for himself. But now the musician-turned-actor is about to break the rule only for his dearest Salmanbhai. According to sources, Himesh will compose and sing for Salman for a film titled Most Wanted, which is the sequel of Wanted.

Himesh takes Salman Khan on high as the latter helped the former to find a place in the industry. Salman was mentor and promoter to Himesh during his lows. But later they also had fights. But now Himesh wants to patch up and ready to do anything for it. Himesh becomes very emotional when it comes to Salman. At such emotional moment he said, “Anything for Salmanbhai! He just has to say it and I’ll do it.”

The musician is trying all his ways to reunite with the star once again. So besides the music deal, Himesh will also arrange a special screening of his upcoming movie Radio for Salman. He wants Salman to see it before anyone else. “I’m dubbing for Radio right now. As soon as I’m done, I want him to see it,” said Himesh. The special screening is supposed to happen on November 20.

It seems like Himesh is set to clear all the misunderstandings and disputes. “After doing 11 hits together, Salmanbhai and I didn’t work together because I got busy with my acting assignments. He has always loved me like a kid brother,” adds Himesh.

However a source close to the star Khan says that Salman doesn’t easily forgive. “Once he writes you off, no power on earth can convince him to take you back. Himesh had to work really hard on winning Salman back. The offer to score for a Salman starrer is Himesh’s way of showing how serious he is about the patch-up,” said the source.

Himesh’s film is earning before its release

Himesh Reshammiya in Radio
Himesh Reshammiya in Radio

Musician-singer-actor Himesh Reshammiya’s forthcoming film Radio has already earned its initial investment even before releasing. Thanks to the business perspective of the actor and his producer of the film.

Talking about his plan of the film, Himesh said, “I requested Ravi to go in for a very different release strategy as the film has been made for a target audience. The theatrical release will be in sync with the sensibilities with which Radio has been made. It has been treated with a very fresh approach and that’s what makes it very different or else, it’s a very simple love triangle set in 2009 with the backdrop of a radio station and an RJ as the protagonist.”

No doubt Himesh has become a wealthy musician in recent times due to his creativity and business strategy. Even though he had fights with Asha Bhosle on the popular singing show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, what he talks has point. His talks do not include a single wasting word. He talks straight to the point and correct. His creativity and business strategies go in co-relation with the changing marketing strategies, which we can clearly see by looking at his growth from musician to singer to actor.

Himesh has not only become a busy musician but also a busy actor. After the release Radio, he is coming up with three back to back releases- Pooja Bhatt’s Kajraare, John Mathews’ A New Love Ishtory and Ishk Unplugged.

He also admits that he has learned from his past mistakes. Talking about his past failure Karzzzz, he adds, “After going wrong with Karzzzz, I felt that the release strategy should be right. When you talk about a multiplex audience, then Radio cannot be released in a thousand theatres, right? Everything today is about price. Is it a price hit or a price flop? Now that the cost of this film has already been recovered, everything that comes from theatre will only be a profit.”

Seems like Himesh is one those who still has reasons to smile even in the recession time.

Himesh Polishing His Acting Skills

Himesh Reshammiya in Radio
Himesh Reshammiya in Radio

The multitalented Himesh Reshammiya is about to turn 35 on July 23 and guess what? He has come with a birthday resolution. His resolution is to polish his acting skills. In recent times Himesh had gone through many acting workshops just to bring his best with his upcoming films. For example for the film named Radio, where he is playing a RJ, he interacted with many RJ’s to get the essence of the character.

Talking more about his future films, Himesh Reshammiya said, “I enjoyed doing workshops for Radio, Ishq Unplugged and A New Love Ishtory, where I play a tapori! It’s like going back to school. Now that these films are complete, I am happy with the results. I have learnt a lot from Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt during Kajraa Re.”

Well then when is his next release? “For that, you guys will have to wait for a week!” said the musician.

More stills from the movie Radio:

Himesh Becomes RJ

Himesh Reshammiya
Himesh Reshammiya

Musician-singer-actor Himesh Reshammiya is looking younger and leaner now a day. He has also cut down his Chinese hairstyle and got a new hairstyle. The new Himesh Reshammiya is all excited as he is coming up with four big releases this year.

His four releases this year includes: Ishaan Trivedi’s Radio, Swapna Joshi’s Ishq Unplugged, Pooja Bedi’s Kajrare and John Mathew Mathan’s A New Love Ishtory.

“Nothing is impossible if you set your heart on it. There may be setbacks, but don’t give up,” says Himesh merrily.

Himesh who refused singing for AR Rahman saying that he only wants to sing in films he’s acting in, is coming up with news singing style in his upcoming movies. He promises that you will see and hear a completely new Himesh.

Talking about cinema, Himesh said, “The days of running around trees are over. After doing all kinds of roles, I discovered that comedy is my forte.”

Himesh plays a RJ in Radio. Through this film he is giving tribute to all RJs of the world. Talking about his role in the film, he adds, “Don’t undermine my capabilities, you’ll be surprised.”

Radio is a cool romantic comedy and I have adapted myself to the character. It’s not one of your over the top ‘Yo’ guys, but someone very identifiable. His lingo is very contemporary and youth centric.”

To promote this film, Himesh went to the Radio Mirchi studio, where the CEO of Mirchi, Prashant Pandey said something good about Himesh. “Himesh has shown himself to be a versatile actor in addition to being a hit singer. It’s good to know that he has as many as four films releasing this year. Mirchi listeners are keenly awaiting his movie and music releases.”

Himesh Reshammiya’s Hey Gujju Got New Title

Himesh Reshammiya
Himesh Reshammiya

Himesh Reshammiya’s Hey Gujju, which was supposed to be shelved, is coming back with new title, new director, new subject and new heroine.

Earlier there were reports that Himesh Reshammiya starrer Hey Gujju has been shelved. But today it has different story. It has not been shelved; in fact it’s going on the floors from March 15, with new title, new director, new subject and new heroine.

The new title will be Tere Bina Jiya Nahin Jaye. However director Satish Kaushik and actress Shruti Agrawal are no more part of the film. The script has also changed to a large extent and now it is not based on a life of a Gujarati man. The new director Swapna Joshi is now in search for a new lead actress.

A friend of Himesh said, “Himesh will play a romantic role as Tere Bina Jiya Nahin Jaye is now a contemporary love story. The film will be shot in a start-to-finish schedule. Television director Swapna Joshi who set up the first few episodes of Teen Bahuraniyan will now direct the film as Satish Kaushik is no longer part of the project.”

Himesh’s friend also added, “Himesh has completed 80 per cent of John Matthew’s film. In February, he will start shooting for Aditya Singh’s Mudh Mudh Ke Na Dekh Mudh Mudh Ke and from January 20, he will face the camera for Pooja Bhatt’s stalled film Kajraare. He is also looking forward to Tere Bina Jiya Nahin Jaye.”