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What’s Your Raashee? receives praises at Toronto

What's Your Raashee? movie still
What's Your Raashee? movie still

What’s Your Raashee? starring Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja releasing today in India, but the film already has received great applause at just finished Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The film premiered at the closing day (19 September) of the festival was a sold-out show. Despite the strong breeze and seasonal chill, over 2000 people attended the premier at the famous Roy Thomson hall.

Actors Priyanka Chopra, Harman Baweja, director Ashutosh Gowarikar and producers Ronnie Screwvala and Sunita A Gowaarikar were present at the event. The audience entering to the hall was lot excited; however while returning also they had the same excitement. Now they were waiting to catch it again in theatres.

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Harman No More A Hrithik Look Like

Harman Baweja
Harman Baweja

Harman Baweja might have seen failures in the beginning but the actor has not yet bowed down on his knee yet. After all he has bagged Ashutosh Gowarikar’s next What’s Your Rashee? along with Priyanka Chopra. And some sources claim that the actor has come out of Hrithik’s shade.

“Priyanka and Harman look great together in the movie, and thankfully Harman doesn’t look too much like Hrithik in the film,” said a unit member of film.

Well that is a relief for audience as we don’t want clones in the industry.

Harman’s Loss Is John’s Gain

Harman Baweja and John Abraham
Harman Baweja and John Abraham

The role which was first supposed to be done by Harman Baweja has now gone to John Abraham due to Harman’s date problems. As Harman is busy doing Ashutosh Gowarikar’s What’s Your Rashee? he has no dates available for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Chenab Gandhi. Eventually the role has gone to John Abraham.

One source said, “Bhansali had signed Harman for Chenab Gandhi since he was keen to work with the actor. Bhansali was also very happy with the look sitting that Harman had done for Chenab Gandhi. Bhansali is disappointed that Harman can’t be part of his film.”

The sources revealed that first the film was scheduled to start in December, but later it get delayed and that caused problem with Harman’s dates. More to it Anees Bazmee’s film It’s My Life has taken longer than expected for which he is busy shooting right now. And now he can’t give dates for Sanjay as he has already committed them to Ashutosh.

Shooting for the film will start in April.

Harman – A Rubber Man

Harman Baweja
Harman Baweja

No it’s not a superhero kind role he gonna do. Do you think he will try something like that after the futuristic sci-fi Love Story 2050? However he gets this name from a Brazilian bombshell, Mariah.

Mariah is a dancer-cum-model, who acted with Harman in his soon to be released film. She was so impressed by his dancing skills that she started referring him as a rubber man.

“Mariah was very impressed by Harman’s moves. She enjoyed dancing with him and thought he was as flexible as rubber. She used to tease him by calling him rubber man all the time!”

Well, the girl has all fluttered Harman, but does he have something to say to the Brazilian bombshell?

Ashutosh Gowarikar Praises Harman Baweja

Ashutosh Gowarikar and Harman Baweja
Ashutosh Gowarikar and Harman Baweja

Harman Baweja’s Victory is ready to hit the theaters, but the actor seems victorious before its release as director Ashutosh Gowarikar has all praises for him. Ashutosh says that Harman is a hardworking and dedicated actor.

Harman is playing a role in Gowarikar’s What’s Your Raashee? And as the film shoot has come to end, the director is very happy with the results and is already planning for first look of the film.

“It will be in the form of a book cover,” revealed one source.

So guys all we have to do is judge the film from its cover.

Harman Spelling His Name Differently

Harman Baweja
Harman Baweja

Love Story 2050 actor, Harman Baweja is spelling his name differently now a days. For his next film Victory he is spelling his name as Harman S Baweja.

When asked to Harman that whether he believes in numerology, he replied, “I am a mona sardar and my full name is Harman Singh Baweja. The director of the film Ajitpal insisted that I use my full name for the film. That’s it. I am not even sure if I will stick to this name for my other films.”

However, the director said, “Yes. I did tell Harman to use his full name but I strongly believe that a name does not change your destiny. For your film to succeed, your work has to be good.”

Priyanka Chopra Threw a Surprise Birthday Party for Harman Baweja

Priyanka Chopra & Harman Baweja
Priyanka Chopra & Harman Baweja

Both the actors (Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja) have always denied that they are together. They say that they are just good friends. Well on the eve of Harman’s birthday (12 November), his good friend threw a surprise party for him on her Versova residence.

After shooting for Victory, Harman got cal from Priyanka. She asked him to pick up her from her house and told him that they might go to some nightclub to celebrate his birthday. According to her call, Harman reached Priyanka’s house and get pleasantly surprised.

Priyanka had called his relatives from Canada and Chandigarh for the party. On the party Harman met his sister Rowena, cousins Sheetal and Bunty and also Priyanka’s family and her first cousins. Priyanka had also invited Amrita Rao, who is Harman’s close friend. Amrita, Harman became close friends while working together in Victory. The party continued till 4 am.