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A wrong T-shirt made Darsheel to reshoot

Darsheel Safary
Darsheel Safary

Success comes with heavy price. The lesson recently learn by the child artiste Darsheel Safary of Taare Zameen Par fame. The whole incident happened on the sets of Percept Picture Company’s forthcoming film Bam Bam Bole. When the shooting was on, it was stopped in between for three hours just because Darsheel was wearing certain brand T-shirt. Well, you will think what’s wrong with that. Because Darsheel is the brand ambassador of other children wear brand. So the brand’s manager created disturbance, when he saw Darsheel wearing another brand’s T-shirt. Darsheel has an exclusive contract with the brand, so the manager made him to wear only their clothes.

The company told the producers of the film to change the scenes which were earlier shooted with the other brands clothes. One source revealed, “The representative of the children wear brand is always around Darsheel wherever he is shooting. During the shoot, the representative was sitting outside but when he saw the scenes later, he immediately put his foot down.”

However, Darsheel was shocked and puzzled, who didn’t understand what is happening. But the issue solved only when the producers reshooted those four scenes again.