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Slumdog Kid Azharuddin Done A Short Film

Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail
Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail

Seems like the film (Slumdog Millionaire) has not only brought the praises and sympathy to the kid actors of the film but also brought work. The SM star, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail has recently completed shooting for a short film titled Dukandar.

The SM kids are lovely and talented which earned them lots of love from across the world and one can trust that when the kids were attended by the Hollywood celebrities at the Oscars. Post SM lots of offer kept coming to Azhar and one of them is Dukandar, directed by a film student from the New York Film Academy. The director and producers of the film are very happy about the output and performance of the young actor that they believe it will sure fetch accolades at the international film festivals.

Priti Sagar Singh, producer of the film says, “The script of Dukandar was written much before SM released. When director Amritpal Singh Bindra watched the film, he completely fell in love with Azhar. Unlike Slumdog… where Azhar is part of the cast, this 20-minute long film revolves solely around Azhar’s character.”

However the little talented actor is also excited and happy about having completed the film. Talking about his character in the film, Azhar says, “If I start narrating the whole story, it will take me the whole day! In a nutshell, the film is about how my father asks me to look after the family store. I have a friend who teases me and insists that I should go watch the India-Pakistan match instead of sitting idle in the store. I try to resist the temptation but in the end, I agree to go for the screening of the match. But when I leave, I forget to bolt the door of my shop. And guess what? Once I return, I find that my store has been robbed!”

The film has been completed in eight days and done on a budget of Rs. 25 lac.

The executive producer of the film, Parimal Sampat said, “We have shot the film on location. The film is in Hindi with English subtitles. Shot on a budget of Rs. 25 lac, Dukandar uses sync sound. While the director is Indian, the film’s DOP (Pedro Ciampolini) is non-Indian. They both feel that Azhar is a natural actor. His performance is so good that we are hopeful that this short film will create a buzz in the festival circuit too,” says executive producer Parimal Sampat.

Shameen, mother of Azhar is also happy about her son’s progress, “Offers keep coming for Azhar. People want him to travel abroad too. He has done this film but before plunging neck-deep into a filmi career, I want him to first concentrate on his education,” said Shameen.