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Hussain to direct Madhuri and Amrita together

Amrita Rao and Madhuri Dixit
Amrita Rao and Madhuri Dixit

Maqbool Fida Hussain, the renowned painter of India has already done number of paintings of Madhuri Dixit and Amrita Rao separately. But this time he wants to paint them together on a one canvas. Moreover he wants to make a film with the two actresses in leads.

Talking about the painting, Hussain said, “I do a lot of combination paintings. I have started working on the Madhuri and Amrita painting. It should be ready in a month’s time.” Further he added that the paining is incomplete unless he makes a film on it.

Earlier he made films like Gaja Gamini (2000) and Meenaxi (2004) starring Madhuri Dixit and Tabbu in lead roles. So whether this time he will go for a commercial film? “No. I don’t want anybody to dictate what I have to make,” said the master.

One source revealed, “Hussain has even asked Madhuri and Amrita to visit him during Diwali this year to discuss the logistics of the film.”

Genelia-Amrita bonded during Life Partner

Genelia D'Souza and Amrita Rao
Genelia D'Souza and Amrita Rao

Shy girl of tinsel town, Amrita Rao has changed her image with a hot appearance in the Life Partner. She is always accompanied by her mother making tough for people who try to catch her with some arm candy. However some link-ups with her co-star have heated things in between.

Same is the case with the youth icon Genelia D’Souza. Having lot in common, they became friends on the sets of Life Partner. On one such memorable moment, the two actresses ended up in a dance number in front of the crew members. Later when Genelia was sick during shooting of the film, Amrita was sitting beside her till her mother’s arrival. Who says actresses can’t be friends?