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Himesh Reshammiya in Radio

Himesh Reshammiya in Radio

Musician-singer-actor Himesh Reshammiya’s forthcoming film Radio has already earned its initial investment even before releasing. Thanks to the business perspective of the actor and his producer of the film.

Talking about his plan of the film, Himesh said, “I requested Ravi to go in for a very different release strategy as the film has been made for a target audience. The theatrical release will be in sync with the sensibilities with which Radio has been made. It has been treated with a very fresh approach and that’s what makes it very different or else, it’s a very simple love triangle set in 2009 with the backdrop of a radio station and an RJ as the protagonist.”

No doubt Himesh has become a wealthy musician in recent times due to his creativity and business strategy. Even though he had fights with Asha Bhosle on the popular singing show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, what he talks has point. His talks do not include a single wasting word. He talks straight to the point and correct. His creativity and business strategies go in co-relation with the changing marketing strategies, which we can clearly see by looking at his growth from musician to singer to actor.

Himesh has not only become a busy musician but also a busy actor. After the release Radio, he is coming up with three back to back releases- Pooja Bhatt’s Kajraare, John Mathews’ A New Love Ishtory and Ishk Unplugged.

He also admits that he has learned from his past mistakes. Talking about his past failure Karzzzz, he adds, “After going wrong with Karzzzz, I felt that the release strategy should be right. When you talk about a multiplex audience, then Radio cannot be released in a thousand theatres, right? Everything today is about price. Is it a price hit or a price flop? Now that the cost of this film has already been recovered, everything that comes from theatre will only be a profit.”

Seems like Himesh is one those who still has reasons to smile even in the recession time.

Kareena, Salman in Main Aur Mrs Khanna

Kareena, Salman in Main Aur Mrs Khanna

Many people in the industry often talk about Salman Khan’s big heart and generosity. However this time the lovely Kareena Kapoor has all praises for him.

Kareena experienced the kindness of her co-star during the shooting schedule of Main Aurr Mrs Khanna in Melbourne. Both the actors are friends and were always seen cracking jokes and laughing on the sets of the film. During their stay in Melbourne, Bebo used to go for shopping when shooting for the day is done. One day when she went for shopping, Salman accompanied her. At one store, when Kareena was headed to pay the bills after picking things for her, family, and friends, she was surprised to know that it’s already paid.

Finding Salman smiling wide, Kareena found who has made the sweet gesture to her. Salman also gifted a rare bag worth Rs 2.5 lakh to her, which she has sported in the film too.

Talking about the incident, Kareena said, “Salman’s generosity cannot be compared. It was a very sweet gesture on his part. He is a wonderful person at heart.”

John brought traffic to halt in London

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John Abraham

John Abraham

John Abraham brought the traffic to halt at the London’s iconic bridges Tower Bridge and London Bridge for the shooting of Abbas Tyrewala’s upcoming film 1-800-Love. John did the miracle which even the Hollywood biggies couldn’t do. Earlier Hollywood films like National Treasure and Bourne Ultimatum didn’t get permission to shoot at those locations, except the film The Mummy which received permission to shoot for one night only. However Abbas managed to get the permission to shoot for four nights. Moreover boat traffic had given halt to the River Thames for one night. Both the iconic bridges cross the river. John along with the film unit of seven cameras absolutely owned the grand place for some time.

Talking about the experience, John said, “I was reminded regularly for two months that the Tower Bridge would be blocked off, but that night, as the clock struck 9.30 pm, and four police bikes escorted my car on to the middle of the bridge, I was over awed! The grandeur of virtually own one of London’s greatest landmarks - what an experience!”

Dino Morea with Nandita Mahtani

Dino Morea with Nandita Mahtani

After breaking up with former Miss Universe and Bollywood beauty Lara Dutta, seems like Dino Morea has returned back to ex-girlfriend, fashion designer Nandita Mahtani. And reports have that they are much serious this time.

Lara-Dino separated around eight months ago. After break up Lara started dating tennis player Mahesh Bhupati, while Dino was all alone. Eventually he comes close to Nandita once again. According to sources Nandita was always remained friends to Dino, even when he was dating Lara, which was also the reason of worry for Lara. However the actor has now came close to his ex one more time. They have been scene together at private parties. However they still haven’t spoke about their relationship in public.

A source said, “During Arjun Rampal’s restaurant launch in Delhi about a month ago, both of them came together and were seen hand-in-hand at the party through the evening. Even on Sunday night during an awards event, they were extremely comfortable with each other. Dino came late as he had gone to attend an Acid Factory promotion event while Nandita had already reached the venue. Dino came with his close friend Baba and three of them were seen together after that. They even had dinner together.”

Don’t know how long they will keep their relationship under wraps, but the couple spotted much comfortable with each other at the public functions.

Kangna Ranaut

Kangna Ranaut

We have already posted that the versatile and talented actress Kangna Ranaut is to play the role of a bold journalist same like the real journalist Barkha Dutt. Well the film has got the title Knockout. It is being produced by Sohail Maklai and directed by Mani Shankar. However the buzz is that it is based on Hollywood film Phone Booth. The other cast of the Hindi version of the film includes the veteran Irrfan Khan and Sanjay Dutt.

According to sources, Irrfan will play the role played by Colin Farrell, a man trapped in telephone booth; Sanjay will play the cop played by Forest Whitaker and Kangna to play a journalist played by Kim Posnett in the Hollywood film. Kangs will be sporting a short hairstyle instead of her trademark long curly hairs.

Shooting for the film has already begun. Phone Booth depicted story of a man trapped in telephone booth by a sniper.

When asked to the producer about the film, he replied “It seems that others know more about my film than I know, but it’s not true.”

John Abraham’s 1-800-LOVE is on halt

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John Abraham and Abbas Tyrewala

John Abraham and Abbas Tyrewala

Director Abbas Tyrewala has given halt to his project named 1-800-LOVE starring John Abraham. The non-stop shooting schedule in London exhausted the cast and crew of the film so much that they were not performing with same enthusiasm in Mumbai. Eventually the director had to announce break to the unit.

Abbas was not happy with the shooting result which he shot back in Mumbai at Mehboob Studios, so he decided to allow his unit members to breathe after the hectic schedule. After the non-stop shoot in London in August and September, the unit started shooting immediately in Mumbai. “We have been shooting non-stop. We are all exhausted… me, John and Pakhi. The quality of work was suffering. When I looked at the shots, I saw the difference in quality. We’re in no hurry. All of us are so much into the project that we can afford to take time off without bothering about the wasted dates,” said the director.

When the unit resumes work is not yet decided, but the director has already cut down some parts of the film that he shot in Mumbai. “I don’t want to shoot anything that I would have to edit. I have already edited out Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak’s role (from the script) because it didn’t fit in,” adds the director.

What's Your Raashee? movie still

What's Your Raashee? movie still

What’s Your Raashee? starring Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja releasing today in India, but the film already has received great applause at just finished Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The film premiered at the closing day (19 September) of the festival was a sold-out show. Despite the strong breeze and seasonal chill, over 2000 people attended the premier at the famous Roy Thomson hall.

Actors Priyanka Chopra, Harman Baweja, director Ashutosh Gowarikar and producers Ronnie Screwvala and Sunita A Gowaarikar were present at the event. The audience entering to the hall was lot excited; however while returning also they had the same excitement. Now they were waiting to catch it again in theatres.

Read what twitter users say about the film: What’ s Your Raashee? Reviews

Special video on Wake Up Sid track

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Ranbir Kapoor and Ayan Mukherjee

Ranbir Kapoor and Ayan Mukherjee

As the title track Wake Up Sid is being popular with masses and climbing on music charts, so besides it’s having in the movie, the producer and director of the film planned to make a special video with it. The filmmakers feel that the new video will definitely put audience on dance floor.

The video has been made in three nights. However director Ayan Mukherjee had to wait for few months for Ranbir to shed off his beard that he grown for some other film. The video is choreographed by Bosco-Ceaser.

Talking about the video, Ayan, the director said, “But it’s not like a regular number. It has been shot keeping the theme of the movie in mind. It’s a slightly energetic version of the song in the movie. This song has Sid at his best at a party.”

Shooting of the video took Ranbir to stay in water for almost three hours, which ultimately irritated him when it ended. But the actor didn’t complain about it until the shot is done, even when he is scared of deep water. Producer Karan Johar had all praise for Ranbir when he saw the video.

Akshay applying Khiladi style everywhere

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Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar applying his khiladi style everywhere it is possible. The actor recently threw a birthday party for his niece Simrit with the popular TV show theme which he is hosting. Akshay is fondly known as jallad (hard taskmaster) at the show.

So like the women do at the show, kids were asked to do some tough tasks. Well there also had attractive rewards for that. Their involved like to drink bitter juices, have 30 laps in the actor’s private pool and also some other tough tasks. There had two teams one led by Akki’s son Aarav and other by the birthday girl Simrit. Guess which team won? Off course it was the day of Simrit. The khiladi son congratulated his cousin with sporty spirit.

Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar

Now a day we often hear that actors prepare a lot before to perform a particular character on screen. However such a passion led actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar to depression. To get into the skin of the role for his next film Karthik Calling Karthik, Farhan made himself locked in his house for eight days being away from social life. He was not even communicating with his family. But its aftereffects took him almost two months to get back to normal life.

In Karthik Calling Karthik, he is playing an intense character of boy-next-door. After the eight days of preparation, the actor shot for the film start to end, but he realised that he missed his social life and exercise routine. Farhan had not attended the gym for those days as the character is a boy-next-door and so he should not look like a hero.

The first thing Farhan did after finishing the shoot to get back to his normal routine was a two-week holiday to abroad. Meanwhile returning back to the city, he hit the gym. The actor says the workout sessions gives him good feeling. Farhan still is in the recovering process, who has now decided to be in regular touch with his friends.