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Mallika is now Highest paid Bollywood Actress for advertisement

Sexy Mallika Sherawat showing backMallika Sherawat though is in some controversy now because she wore a over-revealing dress in a recent audio release called ‘Dasavatharam‘ function in south India. But is this a blessing in disguise for her ? Yeah it is as it is making her professional life make festival.

Now we can give her a title as Advertisement Queen of Bollywood as she is the reported as the highest paid Bollywood Actress for Advertisements than any other Bollywood Actresses.

Mallika Sherawat charged a whopping 3.5 Crores for an advertisement and has left her competitors like Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif & Kareena Kapoor a way back from her. Deepika Padukone the latest sensation in Bollywood also charged 1.5 Crores for an advertisement recently, Kareena also charged some 2 Crores, Ex Miss-World Aishwarya Rai charges some 2.5 Crores to endorse an brand. But on top of her Mallika is at Three and a Half Crores Rupees.

Advertisers say though Mallika charges a lot of money, she gives her One hundred percent to her job. On top of that she has already been labled ‘Sex Queen of Bollywood’ and so she also shows some of her beautiful assets on the Ad and make the brand more popular and more talked about which gives the Ad and the Brand a Big hit aka Blockbuster among masses which is required by the advertisers and she delivers exactly what they want for a price, As simple as that…

Katrina Kaif to play controversial role on Scarlet

Katrina looking forward for Rave PartyKatrina Kaif is expected to play Scarlet Keeling who was a 15 year old British girl and who was brutually raped and murdered in India. Katrina is being offered almost 1 crore for this movie by Prabhakar Shukla. Prabhakar Shukla made his mark on Bollywood with the movie ‘Gudiya’.
Within a couple of days Katrina will be disclosing her decision on the movie, but Shukla is sure that Katrina will not reject her offer. He feels that as Katrina is a British girl so she will suit the character very well, “The film will be titled ‘Rave Party’ will follow classic Bolywood formula with comic characters, sexy girls and a troupe of dancers performing kitsch routines” said Prabhakar Shukla director of the film. Shukla said he wanted to show the seedier side of India’s beach paradise. Scarlett was found dead on Goa’s popular Anjuna beach on February 18 and police have arrested two locals who allegedly drugged, raped and left her to die on the beach.
According to Prabhakar Shukla this film will have a 15 minute rape scene which will be filmed in a polished manner. Katrina has to show her nude back in this scene and may also have to film for this shot semi nude.
Shukla is also thinking to rope in a bollywood film star for the role of a rapist and Vivek Oberoi is being considered for the role.

Aamir Khan wants 6 Pack abs for his Ghajni

Aamir Khan to get 6 pack abs for GhajniAamir Khan not only believes in falling deeply in the character he plays in the movie, but he also is known for living reel character in real life. Aamir gave a teenager look in ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ with semi-short hairs next he grew his hairs and mustache for playing ‘Mangal Pandey’ and this time Aamir Khan is busy sweating out at his gym for his new movie ‘Ghajni‘ which demands the character to have a strong tight physique and great abs.

Aamir is being guided by Satya, Satya is a famous Bollywood fitness trainer and has Rani Mukherjee, Vivek Oberoi & Esha Deol in his trainee list and to remind not many know that Satya was given a break by Aamir himself during ‘Lagaan’. Aamir even encouraged Satya to come to Mumbai and now the trainee is helping Aamir build a body next to perfect and which the trainee himself claims that this kind of physique is never experienced by fans before on the Indian Screens, and this is one of its first kind in Bollywood.

Satya also travels with Aamir on his sets and is known to rigorously push aamir to work consistently. Satya was in Hyderabad with Aamir for the shoot of Ghajni & before every shot he ensured that the star pumps his muscles. After seeing Aamir’s new physique Satya himself is totally bowled, SO how will it make an impact on the public when they see new Aamir for the first time ??

Looks like fans will forget ‘Dard-E-Disco’ fever after seeing ‘Ghajni’.. Lets wait and Watch..

Aamna Shariff spicing up romance with Aftab Shivdasani

Aamna SHariffAamna Shariff and Rajeev Khandelwal were the spiciest couple on prime time TV, the romance between the duo which had begun on the sets of the popular TV Show ‘Kahin To Hoga’. After breakout with Rajeev Khandelwal Aamna is trying her luck on the big screen with Aftab Shivdasani, Aamna and Aftab are shooting for a movie titled ‘Aloo Chat’. Inside reports reveal that Aamna and Aftab share a great rapport on the movie sets and Aftab is often spotted visiting Aamna in her make-up van.

Aftab recently called off the relationship with Yana and was looking for love so is Aamna after a long wait for Rajeev. The movie they are shooting is Aloo Chat So whats the chat cooking between the stars ? Is it ‘Aloo Chat’ ??

Kareena Kapoor’s TASHAN in Bikini

Kareena KapoorYash Raj Films have been making TASHAN a big hype past four months and also saying Kareena Kapoor doing a scene in bikini and now it is finally released But it is not creating waves as expected and the reviews all over including from that of the viewers is not up to the mark and it has failed to excite or entertain the audience. The entertainment and excitement expected by the people seeing it’s trailer finally drowned after its release.

Only one thing which made the public feel their Paisa Vasool is the Bebo’s bikini act. Past 4 months from January TASHAN was in news regarding Kareena’s bikini scene and also Bebo is actively working out to reduce the extra flab around her waist, her breast and hips.

Kareena Kapoor in BikiniIt was also rumored about Bebo’s crash diet and fainting on the sets. In real when the film is released now it looked to and Kareena is on her Zero Size and also the promise of Bikini is also fulfilled but she appears just for few minutes in bikini in the Chaliya song.

According to some experts say many people turned to theaters and multiplexes just for this scene of Kareena wearing just bikini and coming out of water near a beach has added some life to the dull movie TASHAN.