Priyanka made Kareena wait

Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor
Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor

On Friday evening, Kareena Kapoor drove down all the way from Pune to Mumbai for shooting her televised act for an award ceremony. What should have ended in a few hours took them forever, thanks to Priyanka Chopra.

Bebo finished with her make-up and hair and arrived on the stage to see that it was already occupied by Priyanka Chopra. She had to wait for four hours before she could actually shoot her performance.

A source present at the awards revealed, “Kareena landed at Yash Raj Studios around midnight; she found that the stage was occupied by Priyanka. She waited patiently for sometime. On spotting her, PC came down from the stage and told her that she could not give the stage until 1 am (although Kareena was assigned the stage at 12 am).”

PC continued to rehearse till 4 am, by that time, the exhausted Kareena had left for home.

The next morning, Kareena asked her manager Zahid to cancel the shooting (with Salman for Bodyguard), which was scheduled on Saturday in Pune and then came back to the studio to finish her song.

Normally, the fiery Bebo would have flared up because she was kept waiting for more than four hours. Although, she was smarting with humiliation, she maintained her cool. Later, she gave a call to the organizers and gave her piece.

They explained it to her that because of some technical problems, Priyanka’s act took a longer time.

PC’s spokesperson said, “Priyanka was not aware that Bebo had to wait for hours. Not that I am aware of. Priyanka had a long act with many changes.”

Bebo remained unavailable for comment.

I want Gulzarji to write poems for me: Katrina

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

She is definitely one of the most beautiful women in the Hindi Film industry. However, no one has ever written a love poem for Katrina, she believes that love is the only beautiful thing in the world. The actress wishes that Gulzar saab would write one for her.

Recently at the launch of Pritish Nandy’s book ‘Love Poems’ she says, “Nobody has ever written a poem for me. But if actually someone writes a poem for me, I think that will be very romantic.”

She was looking her best in an off-white knee length dress, Katrina, 26, surprised everyone present there saying, “I want Gulzar saab to write poems for me.”

Gulzar, 74, has written many poetry books and innumerable songs, was also present at the event. He said, “Inshallah, I would write a poem for Katrina for sure.”

The entire event was about love poems, and it was obvious that everyone wanted to know Katrina’s views on love and romance. The actress obliged everybody by sharing her views.

“Even though love is known to entail pain, disillusionment, disappointment, still I don’t want to be pessimistic about love. I would rather want to have a positive approach to love. I believe that there can be a happy ending, because love is the most beautiful thing in the world,” said Katrina.

When media asked her about her Valentine’s Day plan she said, “No plans, I will be working on that day.”

Imran performed with Strings

Imran Khan
Imran Khan

Imran Khan is one of the biggest fans of the Pakistani rock band Strings for many years now. He was completely shocked when his wife, Avantika got them to perform for his birthday (January 13).

A source revealed, “The newlyweds were staying at an exclusive resort, which is an hour’s drive from Phuket, Thailand, on an island called Kaho Lak. On his birthday, Avantika told Imran that there would be barbeque at the seaside with a live band performing for him. He had no idea that the band would be strings.” Imran joined the band on the stage.

The actor confirmed the news saying, “It was one of the best birthdays I have had. Everyone seemed to know about it. What surprised me was that not a single murmur had reached my ears till the morning when I saw them on stage. We enjoyed listening to them and jammed with them as well. What is really nice that I got to know them really well and am happy to say we really jammed well.”

The band stayed with the newly weds, family and friends and they left after a few hours.

Preity tries to break the world record, but fails

Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta has finally taken a first step towards her television debut. She has started shooting for the promos of Guinness World Records – Ab India Todega, the show that she will be hosting on Colors Channel.

The actress tried to break an international record at Film City herself!

In a promo video while pulling a truck she says, “Australia ka Derek Boyer ka Guinness World Record aaj main toodoongi.”

Later she stated, “Chaliye main naa kar saki toh kya hua? India kar ke dikhadega. Ab garv se har Hindustani bolega, Guinness World record, Ab India Todega.”

This is a desi version of the international show, produced by Miditech and will be aired later this year.

According to the channel, the never-say-die attitude of Priety echoes the concept of the show and it also represents the spirit of new India. She will try to encourage all the viewers to take a plunge to make or break records.

Surily Goel will be styling Preity for this show. Surily says, “I am excited to style Priety for her television debut. A show like Guinness World Records will be a great platform to experiment with various looks. Her personality is quite sporty, energetic and adventurous, and hence, I will style her keeping her personality in mind. I have given her a waistcoat over a casual shirt teamed with boots and gloves especially for the promo shoot.”

KJo is the wedding planner

Karan Johar
Karan Johar

Finally, Imran Khan and Avantika Malik have turned to Karan Johar to plan their wedding and wedding functions. The director is more than happy to help them. Initially the bride-to-be wanted to do things on her own, but as the wedding date came closer, it hit her that she is getting stressed with all the planning and needs help.

She did not know whom to ask. The groom was of no help, as he is busy shooting the next movie of Yash Raj productions. A souce revealed, “Avantika was getting stressed about everything from her wedding trousseau to the menu. Imran was in conversation with his I Hate Luv Storys producer and mentioned how his sweetheart was panicking and KJo immediately offered to look at the list and help her with all the suggestions. When he sat down with Avantika and saw her plans, he was not very happy with a few things. So the veteran of all things Shaadi took the reins in his hands and became the unofficial wedding planner for the couple.”
The first and the most important thing was the trousseau. Karan asked Varun Bahl and Manish Malhotra to design the clothes of the couple. Karan was very specific with the details. He asked Avantika to wear a burnt orange color lehenga and not only this, he picked a green colored Maang Tikka for her as well.

Imran confirmed saying, “Karan has been very helpful. He has been an excellent mentor and a friend to Avantika. He has helped us immensely and sorted our lives. I did not have time for planning but he really helped Avantika in all the planning.”

SRK: ‘If Salman is upset with me, then it is my fault’

Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan

Karan Johar completely broke down when SRK started speaking about his former friends Farah Khan and Salman Khan. The episode of Koffee with Karan will air on January 2.

A source on the sets says, “SRK’s episode with KJo is emotional where Shahrukh Khan has been caught in a mellow, introspective mood. He is emotionally vulnerable, revelaing things that have hurt him in the last year.”

The source continued to add, “When Karan pointed out people feel that old friends Farah Khan and Salman have problems with Shahrukh Khan, SRK said, ‘I don’t know how to make friends and if I did and I have no clue how to keep them. If Salman and Farah are upset with me then it is 100 percent my fault, but I can’t pick up the phone and say sorry. I cannot apologize because I have ego issues, but because I cannot say get myself to ask people to come back to me. Once I did ask my parents to come back to me and they did not.”

He also admitted that one of his biggest enemies is his cell phone as many of his friends have complained that he does not take their calls and ignores them. At one point Karan had tears in his eyes when SRK said, “I feel it is understood that I love them if I have said it once, I cannot keep repeating it. I have some problem in saying ‘I Love You’ twice and thrice and keep repeating those words. Even in my movies I can never keep saying ‘I Love You!'”

KJo said, “It was totally a different cup of coffee this time. it is really awkward to discuss and recreate all those intimate scenes normally again. Till date I have never become emotional on the sets of Koffee with Karan, because that has never been the tone of the show. It is usually controversial and spicy.”

When asked about SRK on the couch he says, “SRK is one of the warmest human beings I have seen in this industry, he has spoken openly about his family, friends and relationships. There is some strength in what he said. He is beyond any kind of issues. You can feel that he has risen above every situation and this comes beautifully through this show. This coffee on the couch episode with SRK was emotionally unplugged and more than humor unplugged. It has a new impact!”

Ranveer Singh: Anushka and I are very good friends

Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma
Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma

The newcomer in Bollywood Ranveer Singh recently made his debut in Band Baaja Baaraat opposite Anushka Sharma and confirmed that they both are very good friends. He does not bother about the rumors, which claim that they both are romantically involved. Ranveer told, “She and I are very god friends. How do I change the truth just because it sounds clichéd? Neither of us are affected about what people are saying.”

As for the rumors that are floating in the air these days, he says, “I was too much into my work to even pay attention to the rumors. I just want to perform well and this has been my only concern. In fact, I was casually dating a girl and a call from Yashraj changed my life. So far I have never been in a serious relationship and my career has just started.”

He continued saying, “We come from different schools of filmmaking. I am a trained actor and she has never been to an acting school. As a model she has faced the camera several times and is two films older to me. She is a one-take actor and I believe in a lot of rehearsal, which was the only thing that annoyed Anushka the most. Because her first take was always the best. We had to come to a middle ground before we both could take off. Now, I feel that I was rehearsing more than required because it was my first movie. She is the one who taught me how to be spontaneous. But the fact is we had to be complete loggerheads on screen and this was helped with our constant friction on the sets regarding the approach of acting.”

When asked about his first release Band Baaja Baaraat he says, “I think after this movie I have to do something with a completely contrasting character. Someone who is not opinionated, loud and unsophisticated.”

One call from Yashraj changed my life, “It was completely out of the blue from the casting director Shanu Sharma. I distinctly remember that I was out on a date and that day Shanu kept calling me. I tried to avoid her calls for as long as I could because I had different things on my mind that moment. Imagine if I had not received her call from Yashraj that day for a fling, which had lasted only for ten days! Anyways the next day I went to Yashraj and did two scenes and they gave a call back within three days. Later, Adi Sir told me that he had made up his mind about me immediately.”

There have been rumors that his father had financed the film, he says, “Yes such rumors do hurt me a lot. And such ugly things take away my pleasure of being the first solo hero to be launched by Yashraj. The pride of my family that I made it on my own got blunted, it was like snatching my little achievement from me. I am proud of myself and I believe in destiny so no rumor can even affect me.”

Ranbir Kapoor voted as the Sexiest Asian Man

Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor

The Rockstar of Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor has finally clinched the Sexiest Asian Man title, beating some strong competitors like John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan.

This Kapoor scion, who is famous for his high profile romances, topped the survey, which was conducted by the London Weekly, Eastern Eye.

The 28-year-old heartthrob of the nation says, “If the women did not like me I would feel that something is wrong, but it does feel good. I do understand that the fans I have comprise mainly of women, it feels good to be wanted by so many women.”

Meanwhile the editor of Eastern Eye said that the actor had claimed for this title with an overwhelming margin. The editor said, “Usually it is a closely fought contest, where as this year there was only one clear winner. Winning by large margin is remarkable when you take into consideration the very high profile men who were in the list.”

Ranbir made his acting debut with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya. He has been going strong post his launch and has tasted every bit of the commercial success with hits like Rajneeti, Wake Up Sid and Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani.

The Bollywood hunk John Abraham missed this spot and landed second on this. Hrithik Roshan got the third spot while R&B star Jay Sean got the fourth spot.

Surprisingly, the ladylove of Ranbir’s life also topped the list of the hottest women in the world.

Karisma will file for Divorce!

Karisma Kapoor
Karisma Kapoor

A few days ago there was news in one of the leading tabloids that Karisma and Sanjay’s marriage is going through a rocky patch. Now, the news is that Karisma will be filing for divorce.

Babita and Randhir’s elder daughter, Karisma, is ready to contemplate divorce after her irreconcilable differences with her husband. Something has led to a quasi-separation between the pair. A close source revealed, “If she has not yet filed it, it would be any time now.”

After a really long deliberation, Karisma has decided that she cannot be with Sanjay anymore. She is not in the mood to take him back. It is just a matter of time before the lawyers will be appointed to do the needful.

The source adds, “The time has come for Karisma to emerge from a bad marriage. She is terribly distraught and very stressed. She has virtually become a loner.”

To cheer her up, her friends dragged her to a fashion show, which was held in October, hoping that she would let her hair down. But suddenly the media happened to enter the party enclave. Seeing this Karisma ran away from the party.

The source says, “She feared that someone or other would ask her about her marriage and she would not be able to hide it.”

Sanjay Kapur is a Delhi based industrialist who married Karisma in September 2003. They had their first child in 2005, the second one in March 2010.

The source added, “Even when Karisma was pregnant with her second child, Sanjay was in the company of some girl. After she delivered her second baby, a son, he got cozy with a socialite in Delhi.”

Another source said, “Sanjay has not been to Oberoi Crest, Khar the new home where Karisma is living since the past three months. Karisma is undergoing hell. She has devoted a lot of her time in this relationship. She reconciled with Sanjay hoping that things will sort out.”

Guess the Delhi-Mumbai flights will be less frequent now, as Karisma will start fresh in the city of dreams, again.

I will never give up acting for anyone, anything: Vidya Balan


Marriage may or may not fit in the next five years, but Vidya is not going to give up acting for anyone or anything and she also thinks that life has been good ever since she has turned 30.

She says, “Acting is a part of who I am. I don’t think I will ever give it up. But having said that, if it does come naturally to me and I do feel like taking it slow at some point of time, then maybe I will. But this will never be a pre-condition to get into any relationship.”

Vidya Balan will be seen soon in her latest movie No One Killed Jessica, which is based on the Jessica Lal murder case. Vidya is happy about the fact the women are not giving up their careers for their personal lives anymore.

“I think women should work at every age. It is fantastic! And this is happening in every profession. I recently met a girl at a store who got back to work just after two months of delivering a child, this is known as dedication. But yes, in our profession in the earlier days, the instant you get married, you are ceased to be an object of desire, which is why most of the actresses have retired. Today, no longer! I guess this is all got to do with the fact and attitude that today if someone is with someone, it will never stop you from desiring them!”

This critically acclaimed actress, who has featured in movies like Parineeta, Guru, Ishqiya and Paa is rolling high these days. Neither her performances nor her dressing sense are being criticized. However, she admits that she has turned careful and fussy.

“I guess over a period of time, I think rightfully so, I have got the courage to do only what I want to do. I will never get pressurized to do anything, which I don’t want to do, even if it is a right film, or a kind of film that one should be doing. It has to excite me and challenge me. It can be a super simple film, it can be a completely mad role or it can be intense….it can be anything across this wide spectrum….but I have to feel excited,” she said.

This has also been her mantra when it comes to dressing up, especially since the time she become the favorite child of our fashion police. Now one will see her wearing only designer wears by Sabyasachi Mukherjee. She has got this new elegant look, which steals the focus wherever she goes.

“I will always stick to what makes me feel good. If I feel that I am looking good in something, then I will surely wear it. And if it is not, then even if it is the most beautiful crafted creation, I will not. This is the only criteria I use when I am wearing anything these days and I think this has worked for me,” says Vidya.

Let’s see how does Vidya manage to look in her new de-glam role in No One Killed Jessica.